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This is a massively multiplayer online sandbox game with a large number of players, and it is called New World. Players must understand the gravity of their situation while traveling down a road rife with hostility and curses. Players will have to decide what to do in this situation, who to ally with and who to fight against, whether to live alone in a terrible and supernatural environment or whether they will work together to build a prosperous civilization. In this world of weather, seasons, and time, the only thing that can stand in the way of the player's ambition is himself. What exactly are the New World Camps, and how do they function as a whole? This section introduces the new world faction and alliance play mechanism that was introduced in the previous section.

A ruthless army dedicated to the establishment of a free country where anyone with strength can prosper and make gold, the Predator Predators are a force to be reckoned with in the New World.

Syndicate Syndicate is a mysterious organization that employs a variety of ruses and is extremely resourceful in its approach to solving problems.

Their search for taboo knowledge that is difficult for ordinary people to come into contact with has led them to believe that this is what the world needs in order to usher it in a new era of enlightenment.

Guangmeng () is a Chinese proverb that literally translates as "more than" or "a lot more than."

It is a group of individuals who are completely devoted to their beliefs, and they call themselves the light alliance. It is necessary for each nation to take responsibility for its own actions in order to rid the land of blasphemers and heretics. The ultimate goal is to spread genuine divine grace throughout the entire world, as well as to restore justice throughout the entire globe.

An alliance guild is a group of people who come together to work toward a common goal in order to succeed.

Following their selection of a faction, players are free to form or join alliances with other members of the faction in which they have placed their trust. Despite the fact that the alliance is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the territory, the faction to which the alliance belongs is ultimately in charge of the territory.

If the player's alliance wishes to conquer the territory occupied by the opposing camp, it must first declare war on that territory and then proceed to conquer that territory. For an alliance to declare war, the territory that will be conquered by the alliance must be in a vulnerable state at the time of the declaration of war. The territory is not vulnerable to a declaration of war unless and until it has been completely destroyed by the opposing forces.

If the camp's members want to maintain control over a territory over time, they must work hard to increase the influence of the faction in that territory.

To gain control over a territory, members from another faction must first reduce the influence of the controlling faction by raising their own territory above that of the controlling faction.

In this specific area, completing factional tasks assigned by PVP has the effect of both strengthening and weakening factional influence.

Factional tasks are divided into two categories: PvE and PVP. new world gold are more difficult to complete than PVP tasks.

In order to complete certain PVE tasks, such as defeating monsters, crafting, or keeping track of one's inventory, players must perform specific actions. When you complete a PVE task successfully, you will be rewarded with New World coins, which can be used to purchase faction-specific equipment and items in the marketplace.

To advance further in the game, it is necessary to complete the PVP mission. Some examples of tasks include restoring tactical information, sending important messages or items to other areas, and patrolling between opposing factions, to name a few examples.

As soon as you accept a PVP faction task, you will be marked as a PVP, and as soon asnew world gold for sale unmark yourself, the task will be removed from your list of assignments.

Ifbuy new world gold die while taking part in a PvP task, you will be deemed unsuccessful and will be required to complete another task in its place. PVP tasks completed will have an impact on the factions present in the territory, in addition to awarding faction currency to the players who have completed them.

As previously stated, the influence of a faction on the controlling faction of a territory will strengthen that faction's control over the territory, whereas the influence of a faction on the uncontrolled faction will destabilize the controlling faction and make the territory more vulnerable to a declaration of war by the uncontrolled faction.

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