For stats I'd suggest 85 Attack and Strength from weiyismart's blog

Well, I personally cut for about an hour a day, and went from 80 to 99 within three months. You'll be playing a lot but, and that's between 26-35 days. I'm sorry to say that I don't have a problem with RuneScape gold this, albeit I'm only 91 woodcutting, but I timed myself for a full hour without going afk and I got around an 77k .... according the table you provided. I would have had 93k. .... Also, that was with an dragon hatchet...

These are the averages. The most I can receive, and always abscond, is 60k an hour. Then, other hours I've gotten around 103k exp an hour. The Ivies have 75k Exp/hr. 80k is over the top. 3-4 weeks is a safe estimation at your own pace. If you're bored, you could always try Stealing Creation for Hatchets which will give you double experience. In regards to the firemaking issue The average number of logs burnt every hour equals 1000. It will therefore need 100 hours or less.

I got my fire cape in the morning and I'll share some suggestions. Start with the equipment and inv 100 diamond (e) bolts for Jad. 1 ranging potion. Only make 2 doses prior to jad or all 4 in jad. 10 brews. 15 super restores. 1 Excalibur Enchanted.

Bring 1k broads, you'll be using 500-700. Switch your helm to either the neitiznot or the veracs. Legs can be prossy or verac. Boots for either rune or dragon. As far as the strategy goes, trapping the 180's in either the 360's or the 45's is a main priority.

Another one is destroying the 90's. 360's and 45's must always be the last ones. Try to eliminate the 22's as fast as possible as they are draining prayer. The most difficult waves are 53-60 which is when the 360/180/90 trio comes out. It is important to locate the 90, then go behind it, kill it and then run around the 360, or to either trap the dragon or the 180 while killing the 360.

Once you've reached jad, brew/sup up to full stats , and also an ranging pot. Then activate range pray. If he hits you the first thing you need to do is to know which attack he's doing next, and only brew/sup/range pot in between prayer switches. For healers, it is recommended that you are praying eagle-eye/steel-skin prayer and you either kill them or tank them one at a time. This option is more convenient to do, time-wise but could be more hazardous. Best of luck.

For stats I'd suggest 85 Attack and Strength, and 80 Defense. You can go with less stats, but it's difficult to make numerous kills over the course of a game. It'd be nice to get Eadgars Ruse completed, just because it's a quicker method to reach GWD. I'd also recommend having buy RS gold he Summoning level to at least have a War Tortoise that can store things.

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