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Stop making us pay more and more money each year. Making VC prices higher DOES NOT deter individuals. And quit saying"you don't have to buy VC." I'd really like to not buy VC, but if there's the choice to do it, there are people out there who will do it, which compels everyone else to buy VC so we can remain competitive. Yes, microtransactions are a where to buy mt 2k21 part of this market, but every other sport utilizes them for other things which have no effect on gameplay and cosmetics. My suggestion is to maintain VC, but also make it VC is only for buying clothing, haircuts, animations, etc.. Please please please stop making us pay an additional $50 just to be able to play with online. You are a monopoly at the basketball gambling market, please prevent taking benefit of your customers who take care of the sport even though you do not appear to take care of the customers.

Myplayer can move to an XP system if VC is mended like I mentioned above. Give us a starting overall of an actual round draft pick. Start everyone at 75, and just allow us to earn xp and upgrade our players. We can only start at the exact same degree. We don't have to have the ability to see each and every person in the park during games. Things like that can be removed. All it does is add more latency problems. Once we are in games, decrease the network load. When I'm playing in sport, I am strictly focused on the sport, nothing else, so all of the extra outside noise can get cut out of the game. Quit making things complex.

People play 2k so we can ball against every other plain and easy, not so we can play dodgeball or walk into the barber, or wait in line for another game to get started. Before all else, we want to play as many games with the best in game experience possible. Speech that first, then worry about all the other stuff's characteristic. Repair pro am matchmaking! Make our tiers mean something! Everyone move through the ranks, and begins like bronze. Bronze teams should ONLY play other gaming groups. Silver plays silverand so on. It is not enjoyable or competitive for either side when a 80-0 team matches up against a 1-10 team. Make good teams prove they deserve to maintain their grade by playing other good teams. Make bad teams get better by actually playing bad teams and learning the way to triumph.

Build should be more dependent on attributes than badges. A 70 3 point evaluation should not be as great as a 95 3 point evaluation as long as you can green. Having the ability to time your shot isn't difficult and it encourages hybrid builds. Pure builds ought to be the only way to get OP badges like Intimidator on HOF. If hybrid assembles can be just as great as a pure construct (through"power gap") that there should be some type of punishment. Mid range shots should be more forgiving and not as hard as a 3. Full bar mids should go in readily with mt buying service nba 2k21 a high mid range score without a green. This could encourage more people to take the 2 stage option instead of whoever scores the most 3 pointers wins like it has been the past couple 2k's.

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By Kin Gang
Added Jul 16 '20



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