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Medal of Honor is a collection of first-person shooter video games. The initial game was created by DreamWorks Interactive (later on renamed Danger Close Games) as well as released by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation in 1999. Medal of Honor spawned a collection of follow-up games consisting of several developments covering various console systems as well as computers. The initial twelve installations happen throughout Globe Battle II. The main personalities are generally elite participants of Office of Strategic Solutions (OSS), while later video games focus on contemporary warfare. The story of the initial three games was developed by movie director and also producer Steven Spielberg. The music in the franchise was composed by Michael Giacchino, Christopher Lennertz and Ramin Djawadi.

WW2FPS MEDAL OF HONOR: ALLIED Assault (MOHAA) released on January 22, 2002 and 2022, WW2FPS (MEDAL OF HONOR: ALLIED Assault) (hereinafter referred to as ). In this article, in the zero age military shooter, we look back on this work with the stage WW2 as one popular genre.

MOHAA developed overdreamworks interactive by EA

Before entering the Alide Assault, let's touch a little about Medal of Honor, which is the first of the 1999 release of the 1999 release that was not localized in Japan. According to Making the first MEDAL OF HONOR in GamesRadar, in the midst of being chased by the 1997 movie Private Ryan post production, the son of the N64 was played at the time of the N64 Through video games, the feelings are intended to share interest in World War II with a younger generation through video games.

DREAMWORKS INTERACTIVE (hereinafter DWI) developed the primary MEDAL OF HONOR is a company that has been established in 1995. Superburg was deeply involved in the development of the primary Medal of Honor and was very visible to CREATED BY STEVEN SPIELBERG at the end of the staff roll.

The first MEDAL OF HONOR development has welcomed Dale Di, a former marine member who participated as a Military Advisor in the movie Private Ryan, and he has deepened history and training in the team. It seems to be an FPS with an educational aspect. It is June 1999 that the information of MEDAL OF HONOR for such a PC came out.

On the other hand, the gun irrigation case of Columbine high school that happened at the same time. In addition to this case, this work not only could not slight Gore expression, but at the end of development, Paul W. Bucha, who was the chairman of the American Congress Honor Society (Congressional Medal of Honor Society) I will be repulsive as MEDAL OF HONOR as a game title. Nevertheless, Paul's persuasion by Peter Hirschmann, a script and producer, has succeeded in avoiding the crisis of the title change and the release of release, and Paul has been to the side that supports the concept after the release. MEDAL OF HONOR overcomes these various difficulties Released at the end of October 1999. I have acquired high praise.

In 1999, Supylburg was expired by Surprise to raise MEDAL OF HONOR from EA, but DWI was not blessed with hit work (Jurassic Park: TRESPASSER ' DWI Development), finally sold to EA in February 2000 (name also renamed to EALA). In October 2000, Manon Batsty, the main character, the main character of the Resistance, which is the last work as DWI name, the Nazis German occupation, was released Medal of Honor: Underground of the main character.

Medal of the ONer Allied Assault has been developed by Development Company 2015 and has been revealed in January 2001 that the whole picture of what was developed in the middle of 2000 was revealed. After that, Xbox versions were also announced in March (original release time is October 2001, and the largest operation of MOH ever in simultaneous development was scheduled for August 2001). In May of the same year, the trailer that recorded gameplay is released, and the Mission in Normandy landing operations in E3 2001 has been exhibited. In addition, PC transplantation of the primary Medal of Honor has been planned, but it has been canceled to focus on MOH history and Allied Assault.

According to the founder Visi Zampera's founder Visi Zampera, who was in charge of producers in Mohaa, the Pc transplant of MEDAL OF HONOR: Frontline Although I was brought from, if you enter the PC market, it is necessary to have a design tailored to the target of PC that Allied Assault with PC original stories and systems is born.

Also, even if Mohaa was pre-exhibited at ECTS on September 2, the released from 2001 Holiday Season, which was originally scheduled, is postponed. According to the interviews of producer and the Assistant producer, which were presented on the Mohaa US official site, Dale Di, who is continued to be a Military Advisor It was told that we challenged a full production of 14 months to meet the release of the holiday season.

In December of December of the same year, the release date in the United States is decided on January 22, 2002, and it is also reported on the 20th of the same month (the release date in Japan is the same as the same time 2002 in 2002. Day and decision). The next year's January 8, 2002, a single play demo is released, and the Japanese version of Japanese version to be switched to Japanese / English is also appeared on the 17th. On January 23, it was possible to put a spirit that the Mohaa opponent for the media is practiced in Japan.

On January 22, 2002 in January 22, 2002, the Sales of Mohaa, which was released on February 14, 2002, has not been reported, but with PC game sales ranking in the US in 2002 It was about 4th.

Mohaa who created a movie and dramatic game experience

Mohaa developed by adopting the Quake III game engine (ID TECH 3) was a title that provided high quality graphics with reality and dramatic gameplay. The player is a Mike Powell of the OSS (Strategic Information Bureau), which was subjected to the OSS (Strategic Information Bureau), which was implemented in 1942, and the destruction of U-529, Overload operations from the African Torch operation conducted in 1942 and, Joint operation with resistans, King Tiger tanks, bridge defense, toxit the six missions of poison gas production facility destruction.

If you play in the second year, you will not respond by default to the headbob (headboob) and the narrowing of FOV (viewing angle) and 16: 9 wide screens and high resolution, etc. Although it is difficult to play with the details (the setting of those settings should be scored CFG), the degree of completion as FPS such as the feeling of shooting when shooting and the behavior of enemy soldiers that change their posture according to distance Is not inferior.

This work is also suppressed while with the aspects of FPS that combines reality and era, but the innovation and specificity can be suppressed, but the magnificent and dramatic orchestra BGM due to Michael Diachino composition, dramatic and dense story Missions with a different experience have given a different experience with the previous FPS.

Especially symbolizing this work is OMAHA BEACH of the overload operation in Mission 3. This part is to leave the movie Private Ryan by the Suprumber of Supuru Burg about a 20-minute landing scene, including the scavenging and bombardment production, and serif, and the experience you see in the movie is left to the game as it is. If you unplug the reality, it was the moment you provided a dramatic experience as fighting in the movie.

In the first place, Private Ryan production itself is produced with a sense of reality as in the fly (camera shake or long-rolled), actually the viewer can be interactively immersed there The largest operation in history and the Omaha Beach of Mohaa can also be considered as a complete form.

In addition, in this work, there are many maps and motifs reminiscent of the movie, and Snipe in Sniper's Last Stand, THE Bridge Etc., such as..., it seems that the real set used in the movie is reproduced in the game.

On the other hand, this work was a configuration that focused on gameplay due to a fit because there was no history commentary such as a strategy such as a MOH ever-ever-ever-ever operation for PS2. Multiplayer is also equipped with multiplayer, as if it symbolized to symbolize game quality, it is equipped with a free fold or team death match, a round-based, round-based, bomb installation objective. In the campaign, the body's lean (slope) can not be used, but it was available in multiplayer.

Also in the Japanese version of localization, in addition to the unique launcher, in addition to the various combinations such as Japanese / English voice, subtitles, the quality of dubbing that does not impair the atmosphere was also increasing the attraction of this work. However, Japanese package version is a pity that protection is not compatible with Windows 10, and it is a pity that it can not be started basically on modern PCs.

Military Shooter Standard Medal of Honor Series

The Medal of Honor Allielide Assault released for PC finally the extended version Reload (Spearhead) is in November 2002, and the second Breakthrouth of the extended second is 2003 To be released in September. Military FPS was the moment when WW2 became the mainstream until the second half of the zero age.

In addition, looking at the movement of Spirburg's movement in the past 2000, the movie Private Ryan was released in 1998, and the first MEDAL OF HONOR in 1999 is Medal of Honor Underground in 2000 release. In 2001, the US Army 101 Airborne Division in WW2 in WW2 is involved in the production of the TV series Band of Brothers depicting the M to2. It can be seen that the film and the TV series, the three-way, which are deeply involved in the development of the operation of the game, and it can be seen that it was a surprising movement that made the flow of WW2 to talk to WW2.

However, Supylburg is just described as Special Sunkus for the Moh Rising Sun and MOH Pacific Assault, including MoH Rising Sun and MOH Pacific Assault, and deeply It has become lost.

Although the supervisor was deeply involved in the game development, it tends to be ignored when talking about the director, but after MOH he continues to be involved in the game, and in 2005, we have a contract across EA and 3 works. increase.

However, although boom blocks and its sequel were released, LMNO, which has been developed on the way, is unfortunately the grief of cancellation. If you think that the enthusiasm for the game development of the Supirburg, the director says that the director says that DWI sale was the most wise and the most foolish, the key is the key in the 2018 Lady Player 1. The last regret of James Halidee will look forward to the Supylburg director who has left DWI.

To play Medal of the ONer Allied Assault from now, it is easy to buy the Warchyest version where the expansion of 2 works from Origin and GOG is set to the Warchy version is easy. There is also a problem of the above-mentioned protection, but I can only play the English version on today's PC, but how is it to try to play this work that created a dramatic military shooter on the 20th anniversary opportunity?

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