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In the East, Lost Ark is published by Smilegate, while it will be released in the West by Amazon Game Studios on February 11. Currently, developers are working on pre-launch preparations for the game.

Following the release of the game's introductory trailer, Amazon Game Studios partnered with well-known content creator Arekkz to introduce players to Lost Ark's character creation and customization options.

In Lost Ark, players will first choose one of five basic classes available at launch, namely Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunslinger, Mage and Assassin. They also have their own advanced courses, which means players will have up to 15 courses to choose from.

Players can then view and select class-specific armor sets. In terms of appearance, players can choose to hide the helmet. For players who prefer to put in the time to create their own unique character, there are countless customization options to try.

In addition, the character's face can also be customized, from basic to advanced, the options are very comprehensive. You can change the size, position and angle of anything from eyebrows to mouth. Also, there are a variety of hairstyles to choose from, but some of them are unique to certain classes. You can choose to have scars or https://www.mmowts.com/lost-ark-gold tattoos on your character's face, some of which can be moved. There is also a lot of freedom in the choice of colors, you can mix colors to pick the perfect look, and you can also choose to set the two eyes to be different colors.

Lost Ark will officially release on PC via Steam on February 11. And for players who purchased one of the four Founder's Packs, they can get a rush to experience the game on February 8.

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