Lost Ark: Learn the story of the world of Arkesia before the game goes live from AnneBullock's blog

We're less than a month away from Lost Ark's landing in the West. Its official release date is February 11, though if you purchase any of the Founders Packs, you'll get access to the action MMORPG on February 8. Now is the perfect time to learn more about the Lost Ark story and the world as we get closer and closer to our upcoming journey to Arkesia.

Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games have teamed up to create a trailer for players that includes all the details they need to know. It briefly introduces Arkesia, the Ark, and the continents.

In short, seven arks are scattered on the road. Five hundred years ago, demons invaded Arkesia, and the only thing that could stop them was the great hero who harnessed the power of the ark. So, you must find all the lost pieces of the ark and reassemble the ark to prevent the https://www.mmowts.com/lost-ark-gold demons from destroying the world.

If you want to know all the places you will go, or visit unique locations. You can watch this Lost Ark story trailer.

If you are interested in Lost Ark and want to know more about its gameplay, combat style, story, etc. You can purchase the Founder's Pack to be one step ahead of other players, or wait until February 11, when the game is officially released, to join the game.

The Founders Pack includes Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum editions, and you can get different in-game items and get a three-day lead over them. If you want to buy the Founders Pack, you can browse Steam or Amazon.

Also, by the way. If you are currently experiencing this excellent MMO in Japan, South Korea and Russia, and you are short of Lost Ark Gold, you can go to MMOWTS to buy some for use. Or, if you wish to create your own character in future Western servers, you can also keep an eye on MMOWTS. MMOWTS is a professional game token provider, it provides players with the safest and cheapest Lost Ark Gold!

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