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In Path Of Exile Harvest, which released on June 19th, players saw a new league called Harvest different from the past. The new league has attracted many potential players to join the POE to play the game with a new game mechanism. It also made POE’s ranking on steam soar to the top ten. More and more players have caused the demand for POE Currency to skyrocket.

PC players can already enter Harvest on the 19th to enjoy the experience brought by the new mechanism. PS4 players and Xbox players entered the game five days later than PC players. The game team is very serious about the development of this expansion to revolutionize the game experience of players. They adjusted some imbalances that existed in the game and improved the effect of the game screen.

Players who enter Harvest must first go to the holy jungle guarded by Osabi to collect seeds. The crops produced by these seeds are not food but dangerous monsters. The number of monsters killed by players is directly proportional to the vitality and rare materials they can harvest. Players also pick up advanced seeds that fall from monsters. The level of the seed is proportional to the value of the loot harvested. Under the magical role of the sacred jungle, they can also create exclusive skills and items according to their needs.

Many players already know that they can get many rare crafting materials in the Harvest by defeating monsters in the area to make various beneficial items for players or players can also sell or trade them in exchange for Exalted Orb and POE Items. Players who do not yet know the mechanism can log on to the POE official website to view the detailed information of the Harvest League. They should also Buy POE Currency to maintain their initial expenses in the Harvest League.

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