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Players have paid huge sums of money in WOW Classic to obtain rare loot such as Gressil and Herald of Doom. So why does this situation change in TBC Classic? The facts have not changed, and the price of Al'ar's ashes on the virtual counter is 600,000 gold.

We have repeatedly reported on the so-called Gold DKP Runs in the age of WOW Classic. Participants can bid for gold on the power they want. Moreover, a real GDKP metadata has been Buy TBC Classic Gold developed on servers in the United States and the European Union. Its meaning is to represent the best way to cultivate gold for regular participants in Classic.

For example, Grishil, the omen of Kel'Thuzad’s doomsday, their price on the virtual counter is 198,000 gold. For this amount, the organizers of this type of raid will be happy to bring home 50,000 gold each time, while for ordinary For the participants, the four-digit amount already made them happy.

But this system has been criticized because the players know that these golds are not farmed. Someone must have transferred a large amount of money to illegal gold farmers in advance. And if it is in Asia, these players must also invest money in WOW tokens. Moreover, these payments must have a certain impact on the economy. For those players who run GDKP or are not taken away, they will almost automatically encounter gold coin problems on this type of server at some point, because the prices of these consumer goods and handicrafts make them unaffordable.

However, the operation of the Golden DKP still brings fun to most players. In addition, there are more gold panning options in TBC Classic than in WOW Classic. This allows players to Buy WOW TBC Gold spend more gold.

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