New World players are begging Amazon to fix annoying bots from Millsonadam's blog

New World was officially released by Amazon Game Studios at the end of September this year. However, in the two months after the release, the game was not smooth. Although there were as many as 700,000 concurrent players playing in the game on the day of the release, with various simple exploits and network connection issues, many players opted out of the game. Recently, some players on the game community and Reddit reported that the new bots problem is causing them trouble, and they hope that the development team can provide a reasonable solution.

From the official New World forums towards the game's subreddit, numerous players are complaining about bots endlessly mining for supplies like getting some sort of mindless colonizers. This New World Coins includes things such as fish, by bots apparently camping hotspots in Restless for weeks. Meanwhile, other bots are apparently farming azoth water, leather, as well as other materials, which players report is tanking prices of in-game resources and causing significant disruptions to New World's economy. One player notes the bots are incredibly prolific they are "artificially inflating server population numbers."

Over on Reddit, player breezystroo reported that bots are ruining their wish to play New World, noting that they're not only hogging each of the resources but in addition "killing the market for epic materials." Others, like MoxGoat and osrs_turtle, posted photos of enormous clusters of bots chilling in popular fishing spots. If there exists a minor upside for the infestation, no less than the bots sometimes glitch and drop huge stacks of leather and the like for lucky players to come upon. At least they generate mining easy, sometimes.

Some YouTubers, like Gladd and KK Plays Live, are already making a game away from spotting New World bots. In the video below, KK Plays Live noticed a couple of bots farming one region for days. They seem to be there, ready to mine for materials, in spite of the time of day.

Bots plaguing MMORPGs is not a new occurrence, but once they get this outside of hand it's rather a real problem. Collecting Cheap New World Coins resources is vital on the genre, but bots gathering them 24/7 not just impacts the playing experience but has uncomfortable side effects on the economy.

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