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It has been a few months since the official release of New World, most players have reached the level cap and are currently busy preparing for the endgame content. And there are still some players who lack time are still in the process of leveling. Are you one of this group of leveling players? Want to reach the level cap faster? Please continue reading this article, you may be able to find a more suitable leveling method for you.

Main story quests is the most important XP source
First of all, you should focus most of your RPG New World Coins attention on main story quests. This is the most important way to get XP in New World. In fact, you can not only get a lot of XP from these quests, but you can also know which areas you are most suitable to explore through the plot. Of course, there are many other side quests in the game. But if you don't want to miss those indispensable basic items, be sure to complete every main story quest you encounter.

Don't miss any lore page
As soon when you begin exploring Aeternum, you'll start noticing lore notes essentially wherever you go. They're difficult to miss, on account of their blue glow and getting together with them provides you with a small volume of XP.
It's not worth losing sight of your way to consider them, but even that tiny volume of XP can add up over time. You'll see a lot of these notes if you are carrying out quest objectives or trying to find resources to get together, therefore it is worth simply clicking them when you find them.

Territory standing XP bonus is really helpful
Aeternum's map is cracked into territories which might be governed by the settlement, for instance First Light, Windward and the like. As you perform quests along with other activities during these areas, you'll boost your standing with these. Each time you level that up, you may choose one of numerous perks to activate because region. If the XP Boost choice is there, buy it to gain that bonus for everyone quests and activities you do because territory.

Doing faction missions is a good way to get New World Coins XP bonus
The first three faction quests you are doing each day provide you with a significant XP bonus, therefore it is worth picking them up before moving out. You can check your day-to-day bonus allowance near the top of the faction board if you pick up and hand during these quests.

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