To be fair, I did decide to look at the mini-games from Wuyahong's blog

Recently, I was thinking of RuneScape 2007 Goldcurrently being played in the wilderness but will soon be relocated northwards to Falador. The general idea is, however, a disaster. The minigames will be placed in some random location, rather than ensuring minigames are moved to correct locations according to their background.

To be fair, I did decide to look at the mini-games that are available in the wilderness. These minigames all seem to be "wild-centred", meaning that they're not logically put away elsewhere.

The location of the Mage Arena in the far north is frightening because you could be attacked traveling. In addition, it doesn't permit you to utilize the full range of equipment in the event the event of an attack. All the actions take place in the wild. To remove it is not logical since it's an attempt to show that wilderness safeguards work. Stealing Creation is a place to the worship and resurrection of the spiritres who recur haunt godwars battlefields.

The activities 2 and 3 remain, but I also know that Clan Wars doesn't necessarily need to be a wilderness-based game. The possibility of fighting one another for training purposes could be easily transferred to Al Kharid's famed duel arena. The mages could create an interdimensional rift employing the same method to create POHs (yes, there's a backstory:D) and it's everything nice and classy.

Maybe the idea of Cheap OSRS Gold creation can be moved, given that the revenants have gone into a strange cave. I believe the central location of the mystic's camp is best.

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