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EAFC 24 Coins Shapeshifters feature several notable star players that have moved to different areas of the pitch. Each Shapeshifter brings unusual qualities to their new positions, with midfielders gaining new freedoms and former goalkeepers dominating in the center of the pitch. Some of the best FUT Icons like Pele also received Shapeshifters cards, but only active players are included here.

Gianluigi Buffon makes an unexpected appearance in this promo and shocks everyone with one of the best Shapeshifters cards in FUT 23. Buffon is a Premium Shapeshifter, meaning he automatically gains max chemistry in your team, regardless of who else is in your lineup.

Despite a tempting choice for the level 30 seasonal reward, Toni Kroos is far and away the smartest choice as your reward once you've completed the XP grind. Aside from an absolutely absurd set of attributes, Toni Kroos maintains a similar position in midfield, where he is best suited to play anyway.

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The Manchester United star moves over to the wings where his size and speed will be best suited for running down the sidelines. At 5'10, Fernandes has excellent size and quickness suited perfectly for an elite winger. With top-tier Passing, Shooting, Pace, and Dribbling, there are few situations where Bruno will struggle.

On top of this card's excellent attributes, Fernandes boasts some key traits for his position such as Outside Foot Shot and Flair that stand out among his set of seven. While his market price makes him a luxury player and one that many won't be able to afford, his fantastic qualities and 99 in every Dribbling stat make Bruno a joy to use, especially if you enjoy Skill Moves.

Frenkie De Jong is an incredibly well-rounded Shapeshifter due to his combination of balanced attributes, and the ability to play in the midfield or as part of your defensive core. However, De Jong is more than just a defensive presence, as his high attacking work rate combines well with his Flair, Finesse Shot, and buy EAFC 24 Coins Outside Foot Shot Traits.

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