According to reports the Xbox Series X shutting off bug is still present in NBA 2K22 from Maxwell Dick's blog

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According to reports, the NBA 2K22 Coins PS4 Xbox Series X shutting off bug, which was seemingly fixed on Thursday by Xbox Support, is still a major issue for a large number of players.
A problem that appears to have been a major issue for a large number of Xbox Series X players on NBA 2K21, Madden, and FIFA as well, it is still unclear what exactly is causing the problem.

According to a tweet from Xbox Support on September 23, after nine days of work on a fix for the issue, Series X players should no longer experience their consoles unexpectedly powering off or quitting to home while playing buy NBA 2K22 PS5 MT.

Although the fix appears to have been successful, based on the responses on Twitter and the r/NBA2K Subreddit, it appears that the problem still exists, with a large number of Series X players still reporting that they are experiencing random shutdowns while attempting to play the game.

Since the release of the New Gen Patch 1.4 for Buy NBA 2K21 Xbox Series MT on Next Gen on September 17, the game has experienced significant server instability, particularly in the MyCareer mode.

Players have reported a number of issues, including a black screen loading hang that prevents them from joining their friends' parks in the City. Those experiencing loading times that are significantly longer than what should be expected from a high-end next-generation title should take note of the following.

Is there anyone else having trouble connecting with friends in the city on the Xbox S's social features?

Our three-person team consists of two players on the Xbox S and one player on the Xbox X. The guy with the X can join either S player without a problem, but myself and a friend with the S are constantly getting the black loading screen that hangs when we try to join each other or the X player together.

It has been necessary for us to combine two S players and an X player in the same world as a workaround. The other S player then repeatedly loads into new cities until we are all together... so far, the game has been fantastic, but this is a disappointment...

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