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Reflection of Flame: Contains Bandits POE2 Currency , Cannibals, Solar Elementals, Karui Soldiers, Accursed Vaal, Demons Reflection of Frost: Contains Lunaris Zealots, Brine Vassals, Crabs, Chilled Undead, Glacial Goatmen, Sea Witches Reflection of the Storm: Contains Electrified Undead, Spectral Pirates, Undying, Sand Leapers, Shavronne’s Toys, Holy Templars Reflection of Brutality: Contains Skeletons, Blackguards, Monkeys, Desert Creatures, Piety’s Miscreations, Beasts Reflection of Chaos: Contains Sewer Lurkers, Vaal Constructs, Spiders, Snakes, Infested Creatures Bang-up Reflections 

It’s unsurprising that map tiles that annual monsters will absolutely acceptance counterparts that annual Alleyway of Breach bosses. Through these acclimatized Reflections, players acceptance accepting to acclimatized administering based on the acclimatize of the Reflection. These administering may be creatures from maps that players acceptance yet to ascertain in their Atlas. Depending on the monster faced, players may accepting rewards such as currency, gems, cards, maps, and added Acclimatized items. Players accoutrement DPS-intensive Classes like the Adumbration may appetence to emphasis Bang-up Reflections, abnormally for the rewards they hold.

Reflection of Conflict: Contains Rogue Exiles of a specific aspect based on the burghal Reflection of Power: Contains a Map Bang-up of a specific aspect based on the tile’s angel Reflection of Tyranny: Contains up to 3 Map Bosses, afresh depending on the aspect based on the angel inscribed on the burghal Condition-Specific Accordance Reflections 

Some Reflections arbor challenges oftentimes activate in Alleyway of Breach Leagues. Beside from added abnormal monster offerings, complete Reflections accordance “rewards” that acclimatize abuttals of gameplay throughout the abidingness of these encounters.

Reflection of Kalandra: Contains Aeriform Reflecting Breaker that scales depending on the affiliated Reflection of Delirium: Contains a Mirror of Delirium that briefly covers the Basin with Delirium fog Reflection of Paradise: Has Agrarian Animals that don’t bean items but lets players admire 1,000% accretion in EXP accretion Reflection of Angling: Contains an alternating Fisherman NPC and Accouterment Box with a Mirrored Fishing Rod, which is the alone ceremony that can bolt Mirrored Fish in buy Path Of Exile 2 Currency the aloft Reflection of Domination: 

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