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Kirara is really a unique Dendro shielder hailing from Inazuma, and listed here are all the team compositions where she will be viable.

Whenever you receive a new character in Genshin Impact accounts, you need to go through an extended process to construct them. This includes farming different materials to upgrade them, choosing their weapon, and farming the very best artifacts on their behalf. After all this, the next thing is to choose the team you need to put the character in.

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Kirara is really a four-star Dendro character wielding a Sword as her weapon. She was initially introduced throughout the Summoner's Duel event for TCG within the Version 3.7 update, and here's the best way to build teams around her.

Quickened Kitty


Yae Miko

Raiden Shogun


Ever because the release of Dendro, the Quicken reactions have slowly been and more popular. This reaction is triggered whenever Dendro and Electro are put on the target simultaneously, which results in further reactions. The damage for the following Electro or Dendro attack is increased heavily, triggering the Aggravate and Spread reactions respectively.

The hold stance of Kirara's Elemental Skill can deal constant Dendro harm to nearby opponents, having a chance to trigger a Dendro attack every 0.5 seconds. This attack doesn't deal lots of damage, however, it can serve as a terrific way to let the Electro attacks trigger Quicken and Aggravate for that team.

Yae Miko and Raiden Shogun mainly function as off-field Electro damage characters using their Elemental Skills, however, you can also make use of the Shogun to permit your party members to trigger extra Elemental Bursts. Since you do not have many treatments for the application of elements, Nahida may serve as the Spread DPS in the event you trigger that reaction.

The rotation with this team is very simple, and some tips about what it looks like:

Start off by utilizing Nahida's and Raiden's Elemental Skill given that they last for the longest time. You may also use Nahida's Elemental Burst for those who have it. Although, this can increase your likelihood of triggering Spread.

Use Yae Miko's Elemental Skill next and put all three kitsune close to the enemies. You'll start dealing quite a lot of damage at this time already.

Finally, transition to Kirara and employ her Elemental Burst and so the Skill. Make sure you trigger the hold stance of her Skill to be able to move around within the cat form and constantly apply Dendro.

Once the kitty state ends, transition to Yae Miko and Raiden Shogun for the reason that order to make use of their Bursts and repeat the cycle.

This team usually works best against a boss enemy since you can avoid their damage using Kirara's shield as well as your off-field damage will invariably go toward the same enemy.

Kirara's Bloom Team



Sangonomiya Kokomi

Dendro Traveler

Bloom might possibly not have been one of the very best reactions when it was initially released, but Nilou changed that quite fast. She has a unique passive that turns the standard Dendro Cores into Bountiful Cores. These cores inflate much faster and deal higher harm to the surrounding enemies and allies.

Kirara's shield will ideally be sufficiently strong for you to not take any damage, but Kokomi is still the very best character with this team due to her constant Hydro application using the Skill. You may also consider replacing a number of Kirara's HP with Elemental Mastery here if you're planning to make use of Kokomi.

This team can function against both single-target boss enemies along with a group of smaller enemies if you might are afflicted by the lack of grouping abilities when the enemies are a long way away from one another. As for that rotation, you can begin off by utilizing Nilou's Skill's Flower stance after which use Kokomi's Skill and Dendro Traveler's Skill and Burst in an order.

Finally, transition to Kirara and employ her Elemental Burst and Skill to trigger a lot of Blooms. Kirara's shield and Kokomi's healing will even help you negate the harm from Bountiful Cores taken because of your team.

Grouped Hyperbloom


Kamisato Ayato


Kuki Shinobu

As mentioned previously, the Bloom reaction triggers when Hydro meets Dendro, which forms a Dendro Core on the floor. If you apply Electro for this core before it explodes, it converts into a unique particle that deals harm to one enemy randomly. This is what can make this team very fun to experience.

The first couple of teams experienced a lack of crowd-controlling abilities, which made them only good should you be fighting bosses rich in HP. Venti solves this problem in this team because he can group up the majority of the smaller enemies within the game. Moreover, he may also group in the Dendro Cores and Kirara's Burst Cinnamons.

Finally, Kuki Shinobu is a valuable part of the team as her Skill constantly deals with AoE Electro damage, which also affects the Dendro Cores within the area. Of course, you may also put Yae Miko or Raiden Shogun within the team because you won't require the heal from Kuki, particularly if you're using Kokomi too.

Here's the simplest way to perform the rotations within this team:

Start off by utilizing Ayato's Elemental Burst to trigger the Hydro application. You'll need a high Energy Recharge to create this character viable within this team.

Next, use Kuki Shinobu's Skill and Burst then Venti's abilities. This will start triggering the Electro-charged reaction while Venti also groups in the enemies.

Finally, transition to Kirara and employ her Elemental Skill and Burst. This will permit you to deal with constant Dendro damage and trigger Hyperbloom.

DPS Kirara Build





Even if your certain character has Support abilities in cheap genshin impact accounts, you'd always like to try and build them like a DPS due to the freedom distributed by the game. Luckily, Kirara's scaling allows her to become quite a decent DPS within the correct team. This team may focus on her behalf personal Dendro damage.

Bennett is really a staple damage buffer within the game because he gives a significant ATK boost each time a character is within his Elemental Burst. Moreover, Zhongli cuts down on the opponents' Dendro RES when you are near all of them with his barrier. These two are enough to provide Kirara with all of the buffs she needs.

Even after having Collei like a battery, you will still need some Energy Recharge on Kirara. Although, you don't have to construct any HP on her behalf since her DMG scales on ATK and also you don't need her shield to become tanky with Bennett's healing and Zhongli's barrier. This allows you to concentrate on ATK, Crit Rate, and Crit DMG if this comes to her weapons and artifacts.

Most of the damage can come out of Kirara's Burst, however, you can also try to make use of the press stance of her Skill to obtain some extra. This might 't be the most efficient team for Kirara, however, it'll be much more fun. If you have enough Energy Recharge on Kirara, you may also replace Collei by having an Electro character to trigger Spread together with her Burst.

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