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Its addictive gameplay mechanics are not isolated from the addictive gameplay mechanics, but instead are tied directly into combat and loot drops that are part of the game. Diablo IV Gold is uniquely well-positioned do this; as my colleague Maddy Myers pointed out, the games that are heavily focused on loot have always had a slot-machine quality that Diablo Immortal's model of business makes the game appear as if it were.

Blizzard has repeatedly tried to emphasize that the monetization of Immortal can be ignored till the end of the game, which is true, and they claim that the vast majority of players are enjoying the game without spending an ounce, which seems plausible. It's not right to say that the main enjoyment of Diablo is the fun of exploring the story instead of trying to max out your character. It's also disingenuous to deny that the games have been designed to instill a hunger for hitting the power threshold in their players. If you have a tendency toward addiction to gambling or to the addictive aspects of Diablo's Item gameor, more importantly or both, the legendary crest system could be exploitative and potentially very damaging.

To everyone else, it simply makes Diablo less enjoyable.

We have been here before or in a similar situation. When Diablo 3 first came out in 2012, it included an auction house in real money that players could purchase and sell their item drops. In theory, this was to avoid the fraud and cheating that plagued trade within Diablo 2. However, in order to direct players toward Auction House, Blizzard dropped the loot rate in the game to such an such a degree that equipping your character with a weapon became a tedious chore and the game in general was boring to play. When the unpopular auction house was eliminated and drop rates were raised in 2014, Diablo 3 instantly became more enjoyable, even before the changes of The Reaper of Souls expansion elevated it to classic status.

A lesson to learn: While it may make sense on paper in the attempt to create a profit from Diablo's loot. However, when you start doing it you're taking the fun out of the game. The same thing happens with Diablo Immortal, and it's evident prior to when you reach the final game because it's baked deep into the game's design. Loot drops aren't as impactful the character's progression is artificially controlled and distributed across too many games, that are gritty and granular. The game is more skillfully hidden than it was at the launch in Diablo 3, but it's similar to a boring and buy cheap Diablo IV Gold boring game. A battle pass purchase or investing a lot of money in legendary crests isn't much help as paying for an amazing item drop isn't as exciting as just finding one.

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