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The remaining updates were specific to Lost Ark Gold European servers. This included adding Lost Ark’s European West server region. Eight new servers launched later that day under the names Rethramis, Tortoyk, Moonkeep, Stonehearth, Shadespire, Tragon, Petrania, and Punika. The developer also stated that it would roll out additional servers as needed. The same patch also resolved a glitch where the game randomly booted players on Central European servers.

Hopefully, the recent update proves to be a massive improvement, particularly for European players. If it can, it seems like the troubled Amazon Games finally has a genuine hit on its hands. Of course, that’s bound to be small comfort for the remaining New World fans.

Despite gating the content behind character level and item level, Lost Ark's story is the driving force for the game; here's a rundown of the quests.

Quick Links Rethramis Yudia West Luterra East Luterra
Amazon and Smilegate's Lost Ark is a massive game with a lengthy campaign. From the very start, Lost Ark players are set upon a grand stage and will play an important role in the destiny of Arkesia.

Unlike the trope in so many RPGs, Lost Ark skips all the pretense and puts the player's character square on the track to greatness. There are no quests about being a nameless hero needing to slaughter countless boars for their livers. But just because buy Gold Lost Ark skips to the end of the traditional RPG story doesn't mean that it is lacking in length. No, Lost Ark boasts an incredibly lengthy campaign before players even get to the meat of the game.

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