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New Horizons Animal Crossing is one of the most controversial games since it was launched. Others people believe it's the greatest game ever, some don't. On their virtual island, which is fully covered in snow and adorned with fir trees, animal crossing fans beyond new boundaries will be able to brighten up this coronavirus-infected Christmas season. Since Christmas is one of the most important festivals, here we're going to learn how to spend Christmas in Animal Crossing to escape the hectic real world.

Since it was fully unlocked in the third week of March, new horizos, the Nintendo Switch's video game, has gained 26 million users.  Last May, a dozen gamers from all over the world shared their stories of how the final chapter of the series saved their isolation and transformed into a safe and colorful space to alleviate the symptoms of coronavirus infection.  Players only have to worry about decorating islands, planting plants, building friendships between neighbors, and collecting ACNH Items in New Horizons.  Nothing could be more tranquil.


We asked Alessia, the anchor of azalina JPG, for some suggestions on how to spend some virtual relaxing Christmas time (be careful not to spend too much time playing games!).
She's a pro: she's the first professional animal player in Italy to venture into uncharted territory.  On his twitch channel, which is very strange and colorful, he ran a marathon that lasted more than 70 hours, during which he constructed a Christmas Island in the game he was playing.  On Christmas Eve, the audience will be able to connect in groups of seven to exchange gifts (each can take one, but must leave the other).  It's called prismatica, and it will take place here.  There is a code for access: da-3158-4347-0071.  A new twitch live broadcast will begin at 4 p.  m.  on December 24 in order to provide more information in azalina's live broadcast.  Now, let's take him up on his offer.

Azalina's Christmas suggestions are included in New Horizons.
Azalina, a 27-year-old Milanese woman, was enthused by the previous chapter, which featured the new leaf series of the 3S animal.  Because of the cat, he was a little late on the phone, and then I heard meows in the background: he's going crazy today, he told me.

But, aside from the cats, how is this year's animal forest Christmas coming along?
Even though I didn't make a Christmas tree with a cat (ED's laughter), it's a lot better than real life.  It's a little traumatizing because it's my first year without seeing Christmas, but it's a strange time of year, so we're all dealing with it the same way.  On the other hand, I have a large number of decorations on the island in animal crossing.  I also constructed a functional skating rink.  Even if you are unable to skate in the game, we can make do with our imaginations.  A gift for each participant will be left by Pin dodo (the above-mentioned code can be used to access other players' games; however, in order to enter it, you must go to the seaplane airport, as explained).  However, whoever takes it is responsible for leaving one for the next user.

In light of the fact that you can only connect seven external players at a time, how would you handle visitor traffic?
It's going to be risky because not everyone has my connection in Milan, and if someone gets stuck on the island because of a network error, we all get stuck - that's why you play near the modem instead of on the balcony! Nonetheless, every time they enter a player, they save the game, ensuring that no damage is caused.  We'll take it in turns to speak.  I am confident that they will be courteous.  This is a super cute video game, and attracting super nice people is completely normal when you play it.  The only place where I have confidence in the guests and the community is Animal Forest, and they are excellent.  Certain individuals will pretend they do not understand, and once they arrive on your island will make a desperate attempt to obtain more information, but this is normal.

It will be the first Christmas in the new animal forest, so expect a lot of snow.  What exactly did the party plan?
Ding Dong has arrived to bring gifts and toys! As a matter of fact, it will be dubbed "toy day," rather than "Christmas day," in order to not exclude all those who do not have Christmas. . . .

Is Dingdang going to be another creepy character, like the Easter Bunny with the zipper?
Yes, he is a shady character. . . .

Is it true that you spent 70 hours building this island?
Yes, I did a little bit of off-screen playing outside of the live performance as well.  During the marathon, I would ask the following question: guys, can I leave you to weed and figure out the problem? It's completely absurd. '

In the course of the blockade, you rose to prominence as the first Italian professional game of animal forest.  What do you believe makes us unique?
My God, to explain why I enjoy weeding and watering flowers would be a challenge. . . I turned over a new leaf in the previous game.  I didn't care at first because animal crossing is a bit like this: you can't understand why something is beautiful unless you try to understand why it is beautiful.  Outside, you can appreciate that your friends have created a beautiful island, but inside, you don't understand what's going on, in part because the game itself isn't much of an adventure.  Everything was deafeningly silent.  For me, it's a fundamental mechanism: time moves forward as if it were real time.  

As a result, you can spend your day in two different ways: in real life and on the island with the residents, which will provide you with a more in-depth understanding.  You can't do it alone; you need to do it with you and with other people.  For example, my birthday is in April, so at the very least I can celebrate it there.  Then, thanks to new leaf, I was able to overcome a period of severe depression because the game forced me to complete small tasks on a daily basis, such as fishing for my neighbors or sending flowers to the residents of the game, as they had requested.  After that, they compensated me with something.  This model, that is, to sow is to reap, was once again taught to me by the forest of animals.

Will video games teach people how to be helpful in real life as well?
That's an excellent question.  Selflessness is a difficult virtue to cultivate.  Only when you are willing to help others will you be truly happy: there will always be a little selfishness in everyone.  This is something I talk about a lot in my just chatting live (twitch category, ED) stream, where we discuss sensitive topics.  Many people who followed me were members of the LGBTQ+ community who asked me questions such as "How can I get out?" and "How do I get in?"Questions of that nature.  I'm not a psychologist, but I'm aware that simply talking about it can be beneficial, which makes me happy.  This is how it works in the world of animal travel: you don't know whether your good deeds will be rewarded, and they don't tell you, so you just go ahead and do it because it brings you happiness.

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