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In this day and age, logistics and transportation businesses rely on solutions like fleet tracking software to run operations smoothly. It helps a manager to keep up with the fast-paced working and evolving demands of the business. You may find many options of tracking solutions in the market these days. However, you should do a detailed analysis before selecting an option. Let us look at the critical features to consider before choosing a vehicle tracking system.


Reports are the ultimate source for effective analysis and planning. Managers can get a complete picture of the various aspects of operations through reporting. Modern fleet management system offer different customization options like report type, time duration, receiving time, etc. It allows managers to view only the information according to their requirements.

Managers can analyze different aspects in detail with the help of reports. They can identify the weak areas in the operations with data on everything available to them. Reports are also an excellent method for recordkeeping of important data.

Real-time Monitoring:

The location tracking is not enough to cope up with the ever-changing fleet activities. As a manager, you also want to know the real-time activity status, speed, and other discreet details. With real-time monitoring, you have the access to all such information. You will be aware of the routes followed by the drivers during trips. You can hold the driver accountable if you see any deviation from the designated route.

Real-time monitoring is also helpful in case of any emergency. For example, if a theft attempt or crash takes place, the manager will be informed immediately. This way, the response can be initiated quickly preventing any further loss.

Mobile App Availability:

With rapidly changing fleet operations, managers need a mechanism that keeps them updated everywhere. Mobile apps provide a platform that offers real-time updates on the go. The manager does not need to remain on their desk all day to monitor the operations. They can just take out their phone to remain informed about the latest scenario.

You can set notification alerts for important events. Whenever that event will occur, you will receive an alert on your mobile. As a manager, being aware of what’s happening to your fleet round the clock gives you more control. You can conduct better analysis with the availability of the required information everywhere enabling data-driven decisions.

Customizable Notifications:

As a manager, you cannot sit in one place staring at the screen all day. How will you be able to get the instantaneous updates of the fleet operations? The answer to this question is provided through real-time notifications. From the ignition ON/OFF to overspeeding and geofence entrance/exit, you can set alerts for different events.

Most of the modern fleet tracking software come with the option of real-time alerts. However, it is important to check the customization options available in the notifications. You should be able to set the customized limits and timespan for notifications to get better convenience.

API Integration:

As there are various areas of fleet operations, it is hard to cover all of them with one solution. Due to this reason, you should always look for management software that can be integrated with other systems. For example, you can integrate a fuel monitoring system with your tracking solution to keep track of fuel consumption and expenses.

With API integration, the managers have the luxury to use one platform to access information of different types. They have a wholesome view of data that allows them to gain more insights through analysis. Moreover, it saves time spent on different systems and enables better focus on core operational areas.

Unlimited Users:

There are several departments that work collectively during routine fleet operations. From drivers to managers and financial professionals, everyone needs to access the monitoring solution for the required type of data. Therefore, you would want software that does not limit the number of users. It is best to go for a solution that offers an unlimited number of users.

A software that allows multiple users offer better coordination between the different departments. Everyone can access the required data in real-time ensuring that all departments are synchronized and produce better results. Nowadays, fleet tracking software has become a necessity for businesses. They offer better control over operations resulting in more productivity. The output of a monitoring solution depends on its features and it is essential to analyze them before making a choice. You can make an informed decision by considering all the above-mentioned features.

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