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The world of wine is expansive, with countless regions and grape varieties from which to choose. Learning about wine can be overwhelming, as there are so many different types and flavors. Stores can make it even more daunting by marking up their prices or selling bottles that aren’t ready to drink just yet. Luckily, the internet has made it much easier to find affordable, high-quality wine. Online wine shopping allow you to browse their selection and read detailed descriptions of each bottle. Many also have warehouses nearby, so your shipment arrives quickly. Here are some of the best online wine stores available right now.

Online wine shopping

Best Online Wine Stores

There are tons of online wine stores to choose from, but not all are created equal. Some are designed for ease of use, while others go above and beyond when it comes to their selection. Your online wine-shopping experience can vary greatly depending on the store you choose, so before you start clicking through websites, keep these top online wine stores in mind. Amazon - Amazon is an obvious first choice when it comes to finding a good online wine shop. The site has a massive selection of wines from all over the world, and you can look for wines by region, grape variety, alcohol content, or price. You can also filter your results by score, price, and rating. The site also features a robust review system so you can see what other users thought of each wine. Amazon often offers discounts on wine, but you can also sign up for its Wine Vineyard Club and receive a wine shipment each month. Costco - The wholesale retailer is primarily known for its bulk packaging and memberships. While both are nice perks, Costco also offers a surprisingly high-quality wine selection as one of its membership benefits. The online wine store isn't as extensive as Amazon's, but it still has a wide variety of bottles available at discounted prices. The site also allows you to search by type of wine or varietal. Costco's wine selection is highly rated and usually produced by small, family-owned vineyards. Sam's Club - While most people think of Sam's Club as a bulk-shopping destination, the warehouse store also offers a selection of wines. The site features a wide variety of varietals from all over the world, but its selection isn't as broad as Amazon's. Like Costco, Sam's Club also offers discounted prices and benefits to members. Wine Warehouse - Wine Warehouse touts itself as the online store with the largest selection of wines. The site's selection is truly massive; you're sure to find something you like, regardless of your taste. If you're unsure where to start, Wine Warehouse also offers a variety of articles that are helpful for beginners. Additionally, you can filter your results by price, grape variety, region, and other factors. Wine Warehouse also has a robust review system, so you know what other users think about each bottle. The site occasionally runs sales, but its best feature is a "Subscribe and Save" option, which lets you save even more money and schedule your own wine shipments. Walmart - Walmart is a household name, but its wine selection might surprise you. The site boasts a massive selection of bottles from all over the world. Its pages also feature helpful guides, like a wine-and-food pairing guide and an FAQ section. You can filter your results by grape variety, type of wine, or region. The site also has a robust review system, so you can learn what other users think about each bottle. Walmart occasionally runs sales and offers a small discount to members.

Mark up, pour and seal (MPS)

One of the best ways to save money on wine is to purchase it in bulk. You can find great deals on cases of wine, but be wary of the “Mark up, pour, and seal” (MPS) trick some retailers use. MPS is when the store inflates the price of one bottle — usually a more expensive one — and marks it up to a high price. Then, it pours that bottle into several smaller bottles, each filled with the same wine, but at a much lower price per bottle. Some retailers might be upfront about this pricing trick, but others might not mention that the “more expensive” bottle has been repackaged. Be vigilant when shopping for wine in bulk and check each bottle to ensure it’s what you think it is.


Like most of the online wine stores on this list, Walmart is great for finding affordable bottles. The site offers a wide selection of bottles and also allows you to filter your results by grape variety, varietal, or region. You can also search by price and rating. If you’re looking to try some new wines but don’t know where to start, Walmart also has recommendations based on your previous purchases. The site occasionally runs sales on wine, but you can also get discounted prices by signing up for the store’s “club.” The membership is free, and you’ll save 10% on eligible purchases.


Online wine shopping can be incredibly helpful for people who don’t live near a wine store. It can also be a great way to try new wines you might not have otherwise considered. The best online wine stores offer a wide variety of bottles from all over the world, with helpful articles and reviews to guide you along the way. Before you begin shopping, keep these sites in mind so you can find the best bottles for every occasion please visit us at:

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