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Women don't always have genitalia that stick out, which can make oral sex with her a little bit more of a challenge. Try these different oral sex positions on her to see what works best for you and your partner.


Rest your head on a pillow.


She is basically lying on her back with one or two pillows under her butt. This position makes it easy to raise her hips so you can taste her with your mouth without putting your neck in an awkward position. This also helps you stay on top of your situation for longer without having to make changes. Hire Best Karachi Call Girls.


Let Her Take Charge at The Top


Lie on your back with your face up and let her ride your mouth for a fun oral sex position. As she rides your face, she will be in charge of most of the changes. She will decide where on her vulva she wants your lips and tongue, as well as the speed and pressure she likes.


Kneel Down On Her

Who told you that you wanted a bed to make her happy? Try making her stand up against a wall and face either you or the wall. Then you can kneel down and do some oral sex moves. This position should give you both a different feeling because you will be in a great spot for oral play. Calling girls in Karachi would help you with your sexual skills for sure.


How to Impress Your Female Partner with Oral Sex?

Impressing a woman with oral pleasure can seem scary, but with a few good tips, she'll have a toe-twisting, sheet-grabbing experience every time you go down on her.


Here are some tips to make her crazy while making her mouth happy.


The Clitoris Points to The Place.

In spite of what most people think, a woman's clitoris is not hard to find. You can find her clit under the clitoral hood, which is at the top of her vulva where her vaginal lips meet. As she gets more upset, her clit will fill up with blood and start to stick out more from under the hood, making it easier to move her in this way. Beautiful call girls in Karachi are ready to meet you.


Something besides the tip of your tongue should be used.

Even though the tip of your tongue can give you accuracy points wherever you're trying to animate her, don't flick and jab with it. It's undeniably more fun for her if you use your whole mouth. Karachi call girls know how to give you what you want in a sexual way.


Add penetration to oral sex for even more pleasure.

During oral sex with a woman, your main goal might be to play with her outside parts like her clitoris and vaginal lips. However, some entangled action at the same time can be very attractive to her. Once you've warmed her up with clitoral stimulation, you can try sliding one finger into her vagina to see how she feels. Call girls in Karachi let you enjoy their bodies.


Keep still when you think she's getting close to the end.

Focusing on her body language while having oral sex is the best way to find out what changes and contacts she is usually open to. Every woman's body is different, but some signs to look out for are when she raises her hips toward your mouth, strains her legs, curls her toes or fingers, or breathes or groans more quickly or forcefully. Call Girl Karachi knows how to end on a high note.


Tell and explain important things

While you give her oral pleasure, make sure to talk to her. Tell her she smells, tastes, and feels great. When you try something new with your mouth or tongue, ask her what she likes. Sharing during a sexual experience, especially as you get to know another person's body, can be incredibly exciting and enjoyable for both of you. It will also help you learn about her body and what she likes at the same time.

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