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Final Fantasy XIV has three primary methods for earning enormous sums of Gils (25 million+).

Purchase contents (Sell Your Body)

Working for crafters and Gil purchasers is a perk you can obtain if you are a member of the fflogs elite with links to selling linkshells, discords, and other items. They'll take the rare treasure for Gil while you defeat bosses for them.

Craft (The Honest Gillionaire)

The most reliable method of earning a lot of Gil in FFXIV. Offer the newest tools, food, and potions for sale, all with your mark on them. Crafters frequently make between 5 and 25 Million Gil per week, depending on how busy they are. Be cautious; joining the craftsman ranks entails the Market Board's undercutting conflict.

Compared to crafting, almost every other means of earning Gil will involve a greater amount of grinding for relatively little reward. All Gil-making techniques, however, still depend on timing for best results. 

You can earn three to four times as much money in the first week following a significant update as you might at any other time.

FFXIV Crafting

Endgame farming

Many new avenues for earning money become available once you turn 50, even though they may not immediately be apparent. In the same manner, as previously mentioned, Disciples of War and Disciples of Magic can harvest foes. This is usually a consistent source of income because crafters constantly require new supplies. 

Every world has different things that are desired, but it is typically easy to determine what people need. You can find goods like fleece, diremite web, crystals, clusters, and others on enemies.

Making money isn't limited to assassinating adversaries. When you complete dungeons like Ampador Keep, you receive Tomes of Philosophy. Although these are frequently used to purchase stuff for your character, they can also be used to purchase supplies for crafts.

Crafters are interested in these to manufacture high-end goods. Depending on your server once more, one of these can sell for up to $50,000. Making over 300,000 Gil after playing a few Dungeons for a few days is not the question!

Purchase Gil (Turn to The Dark Side)

For individuals who don't care about the Terms of Service and prefer a low-key, simple lifestyle, it's quick and straightforward. However, if you ever decide to go this way, we offer you a fantastic offer.

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