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The sea dragon scratched his head and said to himself, Is Lao Tzu so great? Strength! This is all strength, and you can get too much with strength. In the future, no matter what, I will be the strongest. Smiling indifferently, he assumed the air of an immortal and said, "The emperor doesn't have to be so polite. It's just a simple task.". There are too many masters in our realm of cultivation. Taoism and Dharma like me are nothing at all. Moreover, the Seven Schools of the Right Way have decreed that disciples should not be involved in the secular affairs of China. I don't want anything, and you don't have to worship me as a teacher. That's good. You can invite me to have a meal. Moreover, you have ordered that no one should leak my appearance, so as not to cause trouble. Oh, by the way, the body of the monster should also be transported back. Don't destroy it. Let me deal with it. Zhao Ji wiped away the tears on his face and said respectfully, "Everything depends on the Guru. Please enter the city." By this time, the imperial guards had driven Zhao Ji's dragon over. Zhao Ji led the sea dragon to the front of the dragon and said, "Guru, please come." The sea dragon is slightly stupefied, way: "I sit your dragon to drive, what do you sit then?" Zhao Ji said respectfully, "In front of the Guru, there is no reason for Zhao Ji to sit on a dragon.". The Guru is the great benefactor of the State of Zhao and the State of Song. You should be able to sit here. The sea dragon is also not polite, floating up, sitting in the middle of the dragon. The Dragon Chair is soft and full of elasticity, and it is very comfortable to sit on. Thirty-two people slowly lifted the dragon was about to go to the city, but was stopped by Zhao Ji,Inflatable indoor park, he waved back a person, personally lifted the wooden bar, unexpectedly became the sedan-chair bearer of the sea dragon. For a moment, the sea dragon had a feeling of being on cloud nine, as if he had become an emperor at this time. The imperial guards and the worshipers of the temple looked at Zhao Ji personally for the sea dragon, not only did not have a trace of contempt, but all showed a look of respect, can do so courteous corporal, Zhao Ji can already be called a generation of wise king. The city gate was wide open,inflatable bounce house with slide, and the dragons hung down their curtains, so that people could not see the appearance of the sea dragon from the outside. Under the command of Zhao Ji, the imperial guards immediately spread the news that the sea dragon had successfully defeated the offering hall of yuan Meng. Bianliang city people looked at the emperor actually personally sedan bearers, can not help but secretly surprised, for a time, more and more people gathered to watch, even the roof is full of people. I do not know who first shouted a long live your majesty, for a time "long live" the voice spread, unexpectedly resounded throughout the city of Bianliang. Zhao Ji steadied the pole of the sedan chair on his shoulder and wiped the sweat from his forehead. As he walked forward, he said in a loud voice, "People of the State of Zhao and Song, today, with the help of a noble person, our State of Zhao and Song has successfully defeated the offering hall of the State of yuan and Mongolia. This noble person is the great hero of our State of Zhao.". I declare that from today on, he will become the king of Zhao Song, and everything will be equal to me. No matter when, he will be the greatest hero of Zhao Song. The sea dragon in the dragon chase was startled. Seeing that the matter was getting bigger and bigger, he could not help feeling guilty. At this time, Inflatable water obstacle course ,inflatable floating water park, he had not yet reached the realm of not falling. Once he revealed his hiding, I'm afraid he would not only ask Tianliu and yuanyueliu for trouble, but even if Lian Yunzong knew that he was so involved in the affairs of Shenzhou, I'm afraid Tiandaozun would not forgive him lightly. The power of God suddenly burst forth, and thirty-two sedan-chair bearers, including Zhao Ji, as well as the dragons, disappeared at the same time in the streets of Bianliang City, which had become watertight. The next moment, the dragon appeared in the palace. The sea dragon floated down to Zhao Ji's side and said, "I don't want to make a big deal out of it. You mustn't mention anything about the king side by side in the future." Zhao Ji was stupefied and said, "Guru, this is the honor you deserve!"! Bearer, pass on my order, Bianliang city amnesty for three days, and set today as the national day of Zhao Song. Mobilize the elite army to gather in the frontier, ready to receive the territory returned by the yuan and Mongolia. Guru, please come inside. Let's go in and talk about it. The sea dragon looked at the handsome emperor beside him, and a trace of love rose in his heart. Between his eyebrows, Zhao Ji was somewhat similar to Zhang Hao. He smiled and said, "All right.". Go in and talk about it. The city of Bianliang was boiling. Everywhere in the streets and alleys, it was said that the sea dragon had beaten back the offering hall of the yuan and Mongolian States with its own strength. The sea dragon had been described as magical. For a time, the city of Bianliang had become a sea of joy. In the palace, Zhao Ji held a banquet, all of which were offered in the palace to accompany and entertain the sea dragon. The huge palace dragon table was filled with all kinds of delicacies that the sea dragon had never eaten before. The sea dragon is also not polite, as if no one else to eat up. Zhao Ji kept adding wine and food for him in person, and he ate a luncheon for three hours. After thirty days of wine and five flavors of food, the sea dragon said with satisfaction, "Emperor, the food in the State of Zhao and Song is really good. It seems that you are also very happy when you are the emperor!"! I can eat so much delicious food every day. "I don't know," said Yun Yuezi. "Your Majesty has always been thrifty. He usually eats two ordinary dishes at most. For the sake of Zhao Song, your majesty can be said to be laborious, it is because of this, I am willing to contribute to Zhao Song. Senior, I think you should stay in our offering hall. You are the most suitable master of the offering hall. The sea dragon took one look at Zhao Ji, shook his head, and said, "I told you that I would only be the head of the temple for ten days. Today I will offer sacrifices to the Kingdom of yuan and Mongolia for you. You also invited me to have a big meal. Between us, neither of us owes anything to the other.". The emperor is really a good emperor, and the state of Zhao and Song will flourish in your hands. Without the support of those worships, as long as Yunyuezi come out, it is enough to get back your former cities. Okay, you don't have to say anything more. In the future, if I need anything, I will come to you, and I will accept the title of the king of one word side by side. If there is a disaster in Zhao and Song, I will appear naturally. Now the evil spirits are running amuck in China, and the evil ways are flourishing day by day. We, the true practitioners of the right path, are also having a hard time! "Thank you, Guru," said Zhao Ji, his eyes beaming. He took out a jade tablet from his bosom and said, "Guru, this is Longxiang Jade,Inflatable indoor park, the treasure of the State of Zhao and Song. I can take it with me to avoid the cold and heat. I will give it to you. In the future, this jade will be a symbol of your status. If you need it, you can show it in the territory of the State of Zhao and Song as if I were in person." 。

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