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A young man, a teenager, who had never worked together before. However, in the middle of the night, they carried their weapons, back to back, and protected the only girl, Wen Chan, in the middle, so that no blood could be seen on Wen Chan's snow-white skirt. The girl wore her long hair straight down to her knees, her eyes were clear and moist, and she looked nervous after crying, watching the two companions kill everywhere. There were still so many people around, including the villagers who fled, the bandits who came after them, and the black-clad assassins who killed people without blinking an eye. Li Xin and Li Shi worked together to draw a circle with them as the center and hit the crowd. As far as possible, the fleeing villagers should be concentrated in the circle as far as possible. Teenagers and young people in the killing, smell cicada is also in a moment, help beckon people to come in. Their little circle is like a circle of ripples in the endless Milky Way. Wind and rain swagger, wobble, but always clenched teeth, never collapsed. The night is very long, people are very tired, do not know when, can end all this absurd. Officers and soldiers are coming! Someone has come from the official temple! In the darkness,pumpkin seed extract, from the distance, suddenly came a high and dumb roar, conveyed. The turbulent villagers suddenly began to get excited: "Has someone come from the government?"? That's great! "Ah Weng, we are saved!" "Huier, Huier, where are you?" Like an explosion, everyone was shocked by the news. But Li Xin and Li Shi, almost at the same time, their faces changed slightly. Li Xin looked at the tall,turmeric extract powder, haggard man with a bloody knife beside him and thought, I don't want to see the government because I'm wanted and I've been abducted. What kind of panic do you have? Lishi also looked at the teenager in surprise. Two people look at a pair, reached a consensus: go! And Wen Chan and they are obviously not the same. As Lord Weng, she was naturally fond of official temples and the like. Now the companions were exhausted and injured, and when they saw despair, the people of the official temple finally came late! The girl breathed a sigh of relief, took a step forward, and waved, "We are here." "Oh!" Cover her mouth with a hand behind her. Another hand, stained with blood, passed through her armpit, hugged her behind her, and dragged her into the arms of the latter! The girl bumped into the boy's chest, his mouth was still covered by him, struggling to stare at him. Ear is Li Xin ruffian smile, "Shh!"! Don't shout! Smell cicada: "..." Bandits, this is! Li Xin's bandit nature, at the critical moment, ghana seed extract ,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, will last forever! Smell cicada is busy blink an eye, to the tall nose of one side deep eye man asks for help: "Save me!"! Lishi's eyes dodged, not daring to look at the girl's bright eyes, lowered his head and looked intently at the corpse at his feet, studying the wonderful structure of the human body. Chaos around, there are thieves hiding to find a way out, there are villagers swarming to find the government, only a few of them, in the stream of people to form a distinct alien. Li Xin put his arm around the cicada's small body and laughed at her struggle. "Be good and know.". Let's go, too. He pulled her back again with great strength. Smell cicada: "..." Let go! Let go! The place where he put his arm was on the top, and he touched her chest! Didn't he feel it at all! The girl's body was thin and weak, and she was pulled back by the teenager, and her whole arm was wrapped around her chest. Not long after her development, the small half-round breast was tightly hooped by the young man's arm through the winter shirt. Pain comes before shame! A little red dizzy tip, a little touch on the pain is very, smell the cicada tears patter fell down. The pain made her gasp! Kill Li Xin's heart! But Li Xin knows nothing about it. Not only did he not understand the pain of the cicada, but he also cooperated with Lishi from inside to outside. The girl with tears on her face jumped into the thick night fog and left the village with the fastest and lightest figure. There was only a low hill nearby, and the three of them went up the hill. Li Shi opened the way ahead, followed by Li Xin, who was holding the cicada in his arms and covering his mouth. Young people and teenagers seem to be particularly accustomed to wild life, a few observations of the terrain, to find a suitable overnight cave. When he entered the cave, Li Xinshou felt a pain, hissed and shook off his hand, and the cicada immediately jumped out of his arms. In Li Xin's eyes, the movement of the cicada has always been no different from slow motion. But this time, the cicada was particularly sensitive, and when he relaxed, he bit him hard and hit him in the palm of his hand. The boy ate the pain and heard the cicada jump far away. And glared at him with hatred. The girl's long hair was scattered all the time, her messy broken hair stuck to her cheeks, her eyes and nose were red, and her cheeks were dyed with a layer of crimson. She stared at Li Xin with great hatred, and when the teenager raised his eyebrows, she shouted, "You stay away from me!" Li Xin: "…" He saw that the cicada was really angry. She was so angry that her eyes were red and moist. Looking down, along her long neck, I saw her chest rising and falling violently. Breathing like a jump, like white nephrite, like a small peak. The teenager's eyes paused there. The cicada reached out to embrace his chest, blocking his black and bright eyes, and also blocking the young man's eyes, which gradually became strange and slightly crazy. After taking a hard look at him, the cicada's face turned red, and the corners of his mouth trembled without saying a word. He ignored the two men and consciously found the innermost corner, curled himself into a ball, sat down with his arms folded, and buried his head between his knees. By the moonlight, the boy looked at the palm of his hand bitten by her. A row of neat little teeth looks very cute. Abandoning the distracting thoughts that had just risen for a moment, he thought, "It's good to know your teeth.". But she was so angry because he covered her mouth and forbade her to call the government? When he deliberately provoked her, she didn't seem to be as angry as she is now. Li Xin tutted, shook off his hand, did not reflect on himself, but thought that women were really troublesome. He is usually unruly, and he never admits his mistakes to others. In this world,lycopene for skin, he has always bullied people, and no one else has bullied him. However Thinking of what happened tonight, the young man put away the indifferent look in his eyes. WWW. Mianhua Tang. CC good novel cotton candy.

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The Wall

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