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But what are you talking about? I don't understand at all! Ning Qing didn't want to talk to Ye Haoyuan and threw a Ning dog at him. Consciously saw Ning Qing's joke, Ye Haoyuan suddenly brightened up, very happily patted Ning Qing on the shoulder, and finally said two "good news" to Ning Qing. The first one is actually a bit subtle for normal people: "But speaking of it, you don't have to worry too much about the Haimeng, because after they contacted the Tianhe Sect, they were bloodied by the Demon Xiu and the Demon Xiu. The number of disciples who escaped the disaster is not large, and they are currently being guarded by the Wuji Sect." The second is a real piece of good news: "The nails of the Qingchen Sect inside the gate are almost pulled out, and the Qingchen Sect has not relaxed its vigilance. I think there will be no Qingchen Sect in a few days, and your days of confinement will be over." Ning Qing's eyes lit up. After thinking about it, he asked, "The He family?" "There are some clues, too," said Ye Haoyuan. Chapter 166 Ye Haoyuan said some eyebrows, really just some eyebrows, a little exaggeration is not taken. Speaking of, this matter is also some coincidence, the people of Yuxu Zong also found the traces of the He family when investigating the Tianhe Sect. The He family seems to be divided into two branches. The one with more people is in the territory of our sect, while the one with fewer people has gone to the Tianhe sect. Speaking of this, Ye Haoyuan's tone is very strange,plastic laminated tube, "the two branches of the He family do not seem to be very interested in Xiao Qionglan's affairs, and they are also very perfunctory about what their ancestors ordered them to do. I don't know what kind of reason it is to divide them into two branches." Maybe it's an attitude problem? It is estimated that some differences have taken place to make it like this. Ning Qing did not know as much as Ye Haoyuan, and after thinking about it, he did not find out the answer, so he could only give a jack-of-all-trades possibility. When Ye Haoyuan heard this, he nodded helplessly and continued, "The He family you met in Xiaoqianjie should live near the Hu family,metal cosmetic tubes, but after he got the key in Xiaoqianjie, he went to the Tianhe Sect." Ye Haoyuan did not know why the He family did this, but he suspected that the He family dared to move out to the Tianhe Sect, mainly because the leaders of the Tianhe Sect were particularly soft-hearted. To be more specific, Ye Haoyuan believed that the reason why the He family inexplicably separated such a branch was that they took a fancy to the geographical location of the Tianhe School. In other words, Ye Haoyuan believed that from the very beginning, the He family had focused on the magic repair and had contacts with the magic repair. In a sense, the Qingdun faction, which was disturbed by Ning Qing, should have been implicated by the He family. In contrast, the first generation of the head of the Tianhe Sect is a Buddha who cultivates his roots and even brings the whole sect soft, which is not just as simple as being implicated. It is very likely that in order to protect themselves, they secretly took refuge in a distant door. This logic sounds hard to understand at first glance, but if we add a premise, pump tube ,custom cosmetic packaging, the He family not only stared at the magic repair from the beginning, but also stared at the distant door? In a word, the He family in Ye Haoyuan's eyes, has been equivalent to the behind-the-scenes black hand, several schools involved, behind, I am afraid there are their designs. Ning Qing disagreed with Ye Haoyuan. A Hu family that was once so besieged that it could not survive, a new He family that inherited the arrogance of the Hu family and looked like a rafter, this kind of role, which is obviously cannon fodder in the novel, can achieve such a deep calculation? Even if it's a disguise, it's not such a disguise. After all, the calculation is several small and medium-sized schools plus a giant large school, this may be there, but too small, Ning Qing did not believe that it would happen to the He family. In contrast, the Hu family and the He family are also more likely to be a chess piece in the hands of the people behind the scenes. But even if the opinions are different, Ning Qing did not rashly refute Ye Haoyuan. He can see that Ye Haoyuan is not in a good mood now, at this time, he will not go to trouble without a wink! Without discovering Ning Qing's thoughts, Ye Haoyuan did not make more entanglements on this issue. Instead, he talked about the part that Ning Qing wanted to know most: "The He family doesn't look quite right. According to people who have seen him, he seems to have a tendency to cultivate demons." Better than anyone else to understand the small thousand world key pit father, Ning Qing listened to this, immediately know that the He family is probably on the road to attract the attention of others, and people have been fighting, revealing the body of the abnormal. It seems that the He family does not have a few days to live, Ning Qing pondered that he lost his life now is not a bit fast, in case the top of the evil gas did not clean up, affecting his family Ning dog left how to do? "The Tianhe Sect is on the territory of the Yunling Hall." Ning Qing recalled the map he had seen and calculated silently, "This distance is really not close." Ye Haoyuan didn't know what Ning Qing really meant. He thought Ning Qing was calculating how to catch the He family. Ye Haoyuan shrugged his shoulders and said, "It's quite far.". The He family is very slippery. It's such a long distance. When you run over, he'll slip away early. Ning Goushou, who fully understood what Ning Qing was trying to say, silently echoed: "The distance is indeed enough to weaken the ban." This is a very happy news. Ning Qing couldn't help but be happy for Ning Gousheng, and no longer cared about Ye Haoyuan's fun with him. He sent him away in a good voice and turned his head to talk about business with Ning Gousheng. It's good news for us that the boy has gone to nowhere now. As it happens, you can take advantage of this time to repair the body quickly, so that we can grab the key later. With a wave of his hand, especially with the style of a bandit, Ning Qing told Ning Goushou with lofty sentiments, "When we want to travel to Xiaoqianjie, we will travel to Xiaoqianjie." Ning Gousheng: "… …" Isn't the owner's focus a little crooked? Feeling that his key skills must be full marks, Ning Qing was very satisfied with the future in his fantasy, and could not help but urge Ning Dog to leave twice,pump tube, and was stunned to shut people in the bedroom before giving up. For the sake of our beautiful future, you must come on! In this way, Ning Qing did not forget to continue to tell him at the door.

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