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It was still very early, and Shi Ning waited quietly. Slowly, his mind fell into a very empty state, the physical pain seemed to disappear in general, he walked in this group of light as if derived from the depths of his heart, suddenly thoughtful. Dusk will not come too late, nor will it come sooner or later because of the waiting of others. As soon as the shadow of the sun came down the hill, there was a touch of plum blossom fragrance in the air. Shi Ning quietly raised his head and saw the old man Xiao Shu standing opposite him not far away. The old man Qianmei obviously didn't expect him to come and wait so early. He nodded approvingly and said, "The young man will put his words into practice. If it weren't for Master Ling, I really wouldn't want to fight with you." Shi Ning slowly stood up, his tone is very calm: "I'm sorry, I'm here to kill you." The old man Qianmei was stunned. He really didn't expect Shining to say such a thing. The True Qi of his whole body gathered and turned into a fierce murderous look, forcing it out of his eyes and staring coldly at Shining. The expression on Shi Ning's face was extremely relaxed, quietly facing his volcanic anger. Old Qianmei laughed and said, "I didn't quite believe that Master Ling was killed by you, but now I can't help believing it!"! OK! Mei Zhu Ben Yi, since you can kill him, you might as well kill me! Where's your sword? Shi Ning did not have a sword in his hand. He only had a ragged gown on his body. There was nothing strange about it. He could not see where the sword was hidden on his body. "Here's the sword," said Shi Ning. Old Qianmei sneered, "Where is the sword?" Shi Ning's expression suddenly became very solemn: "Jian Xin Jue, the sword is naturally in the heart!" Qianmei old man's pupil suddenly contracted! A cold sword gas spread from Shi Ning's body,plastic pallet bin, but like a galloping horse, roared and rushed head-on! Qianmei old man can clearly feel Shining's determination to fight brazenly! The two plum blossoms on the skirt of Qianmei Old Man flew up quietly, and the trembling plum buds on them were already fully blooming, and the quiet fragrance immediately filled the surroundings! The old man Qianmei raised his hand and put the two plum blossoms between his fingers. He was originally dressed like an old farmer who planted flowers in the countryside, ordinary and somewhat shabby, but with these two plum blossoms in hand, the momentum of yuantingyuezhi was hidden, and he had the style of an overlord. His hand trembled slightly,heavy duty plastic pallet, and two plum blossoms fluttered and fell towards Shining. Plum blossoms, like snow, spread all over the outskirts of the river. But this plum blossom is the snow of killing people and the snow of chasing souls! Shi Ning's body does not move, suddenly, his hand purple gas flashes, the Wuyang sword has appeared, a sword horizontal cut, cut two petals of plum blossom into four petals! Wuyang Sword swims slowly, pointing to the old man Qianmei in the air. On the tip of the sword, the purple awn flies, just like the rain of stars falling, which is extremely gorgeous. Qianmei old man's pupil contracted more tightly, he has been paying attention to every movement of Shining, but still did not see how this Wuyang sword appeared! Where is it hidden in Shining! This can not help but remind him of ten years ago in the sky, no one knows where the sword in the sky, mobile garbage bin ,plastic pallet manufacturer, only know that it will appear in the throat of the opponent! The sword that kills, is invisible! Qianmei old man suddenly felt a little uneasy, and did not know whether it was surprise or fear. Ten years later, can the plum blossom really block the sword heart formula? Shi Ning's head slowly raised, his sword moved! The cold light of the sword seemed to explode, spreading from the tip of his sword, and in an instant enveloping the extra space around it in the light of the sword. The sword changed again and again, and in an instant, thousands of incarnations wrapped the old man Qianmei in the middle. Qianmei old man's face changed, because he knew that this was the real sword heart formula, when he hit the sky with plum blossom, it was such a move that completely smashed his plum blossom! His five fingers jumped up flexibly, and the plum blossoms between his fingers suddenly split open, turning into thousands of red round petals in an instant, and flying towards Shining. This is his famous stunt "plum blossom falls a thousand times". The castration of each petal of plum blossom is not the same, but they are closely related to each other, forming a huge formation, pulling the trigger and moving the whole body, forming this unbreakable move together. Plum shadow flying, Shi Ning's sword light suddenly alive, like thousands of snakes, each snake, aimed at a plum blossom. Plum fragrant snake anger, instant two people smoldering True Qi layer upon layer burst to disperse, like dense rain general serial bombing. With a long roar, Shi Ning took a step forward. The sword of Wuyang flashed fiercely. Suddenly, he splashed his sword and picked up a huge group of blazing rays composed of thousands of plum petals and sword snakes. He pressed down on the old man of Qianmei! Yu Changkong used this change to defeat the old man Qianmei! But the old man Qianmei was obviously ready, and he smiled. Then his bare plum branches, which had lost their petals, suddenly began to move again. His plum blossoms are not only plum petals, but also plum pistils. At seven o'clock, the trembling plum Rui shot out like a firefly. What can such a tiny plum do? Shi Ning did not believe that they could do anything, so his Wuyang Sword pressed down, the change of the sword heart formula reached the seventh level, the movement of True Qi was completely out of his control, carrying the awn of the plum sword flying down! This is a matter of life and death! The seven-point plum pistil just flew into the awn ball at this time. At seven o'clock, Mei Rui just hit the outermost sword light of Mang Tuan, and the position of the collision happened to be the weakest point of the sword light defense. Therefore, Mei Rui did not display too much strength, that and the sword light confrontation of the plum petals, but immediately momentum shock, the sword light horizontal pressure back. With this counterattack, Mei Rui bumped into the light of the second sword. This collision was also the weakest point of the second sword, which immediately led to the counterattack of the plum petals. Mei Rui drove thousands of plum petals and hit the tip of Wuyang Sword together! The grand momentum, immediately formed a very brilliant giant plum blossom, the Wuyang sword abruptly pressed back! Shi Ning chest a burst of sweet, by the strong strength of the plum blossom pressure back a step, a mouthful of blood spurted out! The old man Qianmei pointed out the plum branches in the air and pushed the huge plum petals to fly to Shining. The purple sword light that spread from Shi Ning's body was forced back by the plum blossom. But Shi Ning suddenly let out a long laugh. His voice was like thunder in the sky. Through the layers of strength of the plum blossom,stackable plastic pallets, it came over: "You are defeated!" This voice, this momentum is so familiar, Qianmei old man can not help but one!. cnplasticpallet.com

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