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"Do you know him?" He asked with a slight smile? Well, in terms of swordsmanship, Chu Xianliu is also a top figure. "Who is more powerful than the Taoist Priest in fighting with him?" Asked Liang Xiao. "How can the light of the poor firefly candle compete with the bright moon?" He asked with a slight smile. Unconvinced, Liang Xiao protested, "Why should the Taoist Priest be modest?" He shook his head and said, "It's not modesty. Chu Xianliu has excellent swordsmanship and is free and easy.". Swordsmanship and moral character are all worthy of the four words'bright moon in the sky '. At this point, he sighed thoughtfully and said, "It's just that although the moon is thick, it's not as bright as the sun." "Yes," said Liang Xiao with a smile. "Chu Xianliu is known as the second sword in the world. There must be more powerful people." Silently did not answer, eyes cast into the distance, Liang Xiao looked along her eyes, but see the clouds open fog, the crescent moon like a bow, according to the cliff up and down are white. After a long time, he said, "When it comes to swords, there are two people who can be called great masters.". One of them, named Ou Longzi, was a master of sword-making. He had a strange habit of destroying every sword he made. "Just cast it," said Liang Hsiao-chi. "Why should it be destroyed?" "Ou Longzi said to himself," If you are not the best weapon in the world, you can't make it. However, the sword of the world,Iron Nail Making Machine, can enter the top three, is not cast by him. Therefore, he could not surpass the sword cast first and never cast it again, but as long as he cast a sword, he would be the best in the world. After that, Mr. Ou must try his best to break the sword he had forged before. At this point, he smiled and said, "Because he is a proud master,Automatic nail machine, he will never cast the'Second Sword in the World '!" "That's an interesting man," said Liang Hsiao with a smile. If I meet him, let him help me forge a sword. He shook his head and said, "It's a pity that Ou Longzi has disappeared from Jianghu for many years." Liang Xiao was stunned and sighed, "Really? That's a pity." "Don't be discouraged," he said with a smile. "Everything is predestined. If it's predestined, it will happen.". As for the other man, he is a great master of the sword. This person is both civil and military, a pedant, but his life is very difficult. When he was studying literature, he broke the ban on writing straight. He repeatedly failed in the examination and became a petty official. Although he was down and out, he was enthusiastic about the current affairs and wrote to the court to criticize the current malpractices. As a result, he offended the powerful, was severely tortured, banished three thousand Li, and his family assets were confiscated. His parents were also beaten and humiliated by the police, and died of illness one after another. At this point, iron nail machine ,Nail machine supplier, the feeling of a leisurely sigh, a moment of silence. When Liang Xiao thought of his life experience, Dasheng sympathized with him. He nodded and said, "Although this man is nosy, he has courage.". Blame that son of a bitch, the court is too unreasonable. He shook his head and said, "What he has done has nothing to do with courage.". He was born to be extreme, and he could not pull ten horses back even if he recognized a dead reason. Before the age of seventeen, he held the words of the sages and the teachings of Confucianism in high esteem. His style of speech was bound to be Confucius and Mencius, and his work was bound to be upright. He was afraid that the emperor would not be as good as Yao and Shun, and that his ministers would not be as good as Ji Qi. That's why I did such a reckless thing. Unexpectedly, a cavity of enthusiasm suffered this misfortune. As soon as he was angry, he became extreme again. He suddenly turned from the south of the sky to the north of the earth. He cut his hair between heaven and earth and swore: In this life, even if the sky collapses and the earth collapses, I will ignore the affairs of the country. From then on, he stayed away from the temple, abandoned literature and practiced martial arts. This man is really a genius, suddenly in six or seven years, he has become a generation of masters. When Liang Xiao heard this, he blurted out, "Have a good time. A real man is just like that.". But I wonder if he got revenge later? If it were me, I would seize the powerful emperor Laoshizi and kill him one by one. When he heard this, he could not help frowning and saying, "How can you be more extreme than him?" "What kind of extreme is that?" Said Liang Xiao. My mother often said that people should not suffer losses. It's just human nature. Then he asked, "Taoist, since that man is a great master of swordsmanship, his swordsmanship must be unique." "When it comes to originality," he said with a smile, "it's a long story. But since you can understand the sword from astronomy, you are expected to understand mathematics. The so-called Xia has "Lianshan", Shang has "Guizang", Zhou has "Zhouyi", these three books are all wonderful books to explore the universe. "Lian Shan" is crude and not enough to talk about; "Zhou Yi" has been repeatedly annotated by sages and is the most widely circulated, but the so-called "Kanglong has regrets" is not natural.. " When she said this, she suddenly frowned and said, "Oh, I may have gone too far.". Liang Xiao, do you know the origin of these three books? "I've heard of that," said Liang Hsiao with a smile. In ancient times, Dayu's flood control was helped by God. The dragon came out of the Yellow River with a picture on its back, and the tortoise came out of the Luoshui River with a book in its mouth. He frowned and said, "That's not a tortoise, but a mythical beast." Liang Hsiao said with a smile, "Both the tortoise and the tortoise look the same.". Is it difficult to ask Xuanzang to grow one more turtle shell? "This child is really naughty," he said. "It's nonsense to tell a story." "What happened next?" He asked. Liang Xiao heard that she had the meaning of testing herself. She had a cosmetic surgery and said, "Later, the picture was called Hetu by the world, and the book was called Luoshu.". With the help of Hetu Luoshu, Dayu pointed out rivers and mountains, dredged rivers, put down the flood in Jiuzhou, and won the peace of the world. In his later years,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, when he had nothing to do, he added water control experience to the river map and wrote Lianshan. Lianshan means'water and mountains are connected 'to show that water control is not forgotten. At this point, he realized that he was showing off and suddenly stopped talking. 3shardware.com

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