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She suddenly laughed out, even do not know what they are laughing, there is a feeling of staying out of the way, she thought, she knows what kind of feeling this is. Like Ah Jing, her life has changed dramatically since three years ago. Fate seems to have played a joke on them, making them farther and farther away from their original life. Now that Ah Jing has recovered her memory, her former calmness will come back. She can go back to her original life, maybe there are three years of variables, maybe not what she wants, but these three years with Lucifer, she is really happy. Three years ago she loved Lucifer, but she couldn't. Now Lucifer loves her, and she can choose to love or not. She also loves the boss very much today, but she doesn't even have the ability to keep her love. She is not reconciled ah, really very unwilling, with what, although she Xia Jin is not a good person, but ask yourself is not heinous, she this life this time so attentively to love a person, but just can not get. Han Li behind Tang Jian, eyes have been falling on her body, the eyes are very quiet,Magnesium Oxide MgO, with forbearance of worry and anxiety. She walked toward Han Li with a faint smile on her face. Calm down and let go, the body is almost soft, people are sometimes so strange, only when they are alone, no matter how hard and tired they are, they can still hold on, once the person they can rely on comes, the strength of the whole body seems to be pulled away in an instant. Tang Jian is such an existence for calmness. Xia Jin suddenly stopped. Ten meters away, a man in a black windbreaker came over. She suddenly wanted to laugh. This man always seemed to be dressed like this. Black,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, long windbreaker, overbearing and cold, even gentle up is hard to see soft. She stood motionless until he came near. The wind was blowing by the lake. It was very early, and the sun was just coming out. Gong Shentuo quietly looked at the woman standing in the morning breeze, short hair was blown up by the wind, he always felt that her face was still smiling, charming and sweet. From a distance, I always felt that her figure was so thin that he felt distressed subconsciously. As though She's been wasting away. She's getting thinner. She pouted and looked at him with a smile. "Boss, I saved your calmness. Is there a prize?" "Lend your Han Li to Yemen." He looked at her lightly and opened his mouth lightly. She thought that the tone and expression of indifference were really annoying to her. So she said, "Boss Gong, do we have a good friendship?"? You said I would borrow it? Girl, every time I talk to you, it's funny. What if you give me an expression? Even indifference is better than no expression. Gong Shentuo hooked his lips and drew a smile. "Friendship, does sleeping count as friendship?" Xia Jin was silent for a moment. Boss, where is your moral integrity? She bent her lips and smiled charmingly. In terms of thick skin, I would not be worse than you. "That's because you slept with me, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide powder, but I don't owe you." Ah ah ah ah, you are so annoying, no one came out to express their opinions, so indifferent, I know Wen has some problems, why don't you speak, such as the eldest brother and Xia Jin, such as Calm and Lucifer, is it loveless not to speak? Chapter 185 sleep with me for one night. Gong Shentuo raised his eyes, took a distant look at the calm that was about to collapse, and looked at the expressionless Han Li standing not far behind Xia Jin, "What do you want?" His voice was so low and seductive that Xia Jin almost blurted out, "I want you.". Realizing this idea, Miss Xia felt sorry for her. Are you hungry and thirsty? People are vulnerable when they are sick, and she misses him when she is vulnerable. What's more, she didn't sleep well these days because of her cold body. She either missed her or dreamed of her, but she had to fight hard during the day. She had no doubt that if she went on like this, she would vomit blood even if she died of overwork. So she pulled out a smile on her face and said half-truthfully, "Boss Gong, your tone is like you will give me whatever I want." "Why not?" What he said was plain and uneventful. Also, there are only things in this world that he doesn't want to give, and there is nothing he can't afford. The weight of calmness in his heart is absolutely worth anything to exchange. Suddenly she didn't want to play, so she turned around and yawned to Han Li lazily, "Han Li, you help me take care of Ah Jing, she just recovered her memory, I don't know if there will be sequelae." Then, without looking at the man behind him, he went to the parking place, and the smile on his face suddenly seemed to be blown away by the wind. What do you want? The same voice repeated the same words, and even the tone did not change. Xia Jin stopped and turned to look at him. "Can't you do nothing?" She smiled softly in the bottom of her heart, so anxious to draw a line? "No." She tilted her head, meditating seriously, half ringing, and said with a leisurely smile, "I'm tired. Will the boss take me home?" Gong Shentuo squinted at her and laughed heartlessly. "Are you sure?" She nodded and pretended to complain, "You see, I took Han Li out alone, now you want to borrow him, no one helped me drive, I didn't have a good rest last night, very tired." "Miss Xia," the man from Yemen who had been standing behind Gong Shentuo finally could not bear to look at him. He looked cold and respectful. "I'll take you back." The whole of Yemen knows the entanglement between the eldest brother and this woman. Now, anyone who looks at her will think that she is seducing the eldest brother of the palace. Xia Jin Wen Yan, pondering looking at Gong Shen Tuo, a face I quietly wait for you to promise the expression. Tell Don Jane to clean up the people and forces here and bring them back to London calmly. He told his men behind him with a faint expression, then lifted his feet and walked towards her. Xia Jin looked at the frowning Han Li again, with a serious expression, "Lucifer is badly hurt, if necessary, you help me keep his life, otherwise my brother-in-law will find me trouble." Han Li took a silent look at Gong Shentuo and nodded indifferently. Xia Jin also did not wait for Gong Shen Tuo,Magnesium Oxide price, a few steps ahead of him to take the lead in the car, sitting on the co-driver's seat belt, smiling at Gong Shen Tuo to open the door and sit in the driver's seat.

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