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When I returned to Qinglong Gang from Huamanlou, I told Dongfangmeng that you might bring the treasure map. It was also Menger's arrangement to invite you to the banquet. The purpose was to get a preliminary understanding of you. However, at that time, I promised to give you the blue sea heart, not to make the dream hate you, but the blue sea heart is a symbol of a relationship for me and the dream, but it is a sweet memory for the dream, but a sweet pain for me. So I'm more eager to give it away than anyone else, and you're just asking for it. In Crystal Palace, I confirmed my guess from your expression. To tell you the truth, I am really afraid that you are still in love with six childe. So I told Oriental Dream about my guess about you. Oriental Dream lived up to my expectations and succeeded in getting a treasure map from you. As for Sai Diao Chan's accusation against you, I didn't care at all. Although I have never asked what they have done these days,teardrop pallet racking, I have guessed in my heart, but for the sake of the overall situation, I have never said it. The wedding could have been cancelled because of your disappearance these days, but I still held it. This may make me the laughing stock of the whole world. However, I know this may be the last chance to snatch you back from the side of the six childe. So,pallet rack shelving, I am here waiting for you, I think, as long as you come back, then, you are my true lover. Long Xiaotian's words let me a trance, is true or false, I can not tell. It was then that I heard a mournful call, like the lament of a red-crowned crane that has lost its lover: "Dragon." Chapter 128 the last scene (part two). Oriental Dream stood in front of the pavilion, full of desolation, metal racking systems ,industrial racking systems, tears to fall seemed to be begging for the love and pity of Long Xiaotian. I turned my eyes to Long Xiaotian. At this time, Long Xiaotian became the leader of the gang again. He was full of inviolable dignity. Meng'er, your wound hasn't healed yet. You'd better go back first. If this is a dialogue between any pair of lovers, it is really a moving line. However, this sentence comes from the mouth of Long Xiaotian, but it is only a gang leader's concern for his subordinates. To me and Dongfang Meng, it is undoubtedly an order to leave. Dongfang Meng turned pale, but refused to give in. She shook her head and looked at me in Long Xiaotian's arms, just like a child who was afraid of the punishment of adults but stubbornly insisted on asking adults for what he wanted: "I won't go. She took my things. I have to get them back." Without waiting for Dongfang Meng to go on, I put my arms around Long Xiaotian's waist and said, "No, it belongs to me, and I won't give it to anyone." Then I raised my head and looked at Long Xiaotian with begging eyes: "Long, you tell Meng Er that you belong to me, and everything you have is mine." Long Xiaotian saw that I suddenly changed color and looked at him in panic, his eyes full of doubts, but he still could not help nodding heavily at me. I quickly turned my head and shouted to Dongfang Meng, "You see, the dragon said that everything he owns belongs to me.". Please leave. I will never share with you what belongs to me. "I'll kill you." With a sudden shout of anger, Dongfang Meng raised his sword to me. The body of the sword suddenly broke from the middle, and several steel needles flew out of it. This time I don't even have the mind to flash. With Longxiaotian beside me, if I am so far away from the Oriental Dream, I can still touch the needle. That's outrageous. My strike range. It has been shaken open by the sword of Long Xiaotian. A steel needle was shocked back by the sword of Long Xiaotian and flew to the Oriental Dream. Long Xiaotian's face changed greatly at the sight of him. Hurriedly put me down and ran after the steel needle. East dream of steel needle attack, do not dodge, his face showed a sad smile, to meet the oncoming steel needle. Long Xiaotian had no time to save the Oriental Dream from the steel needle after all. When he came to Dongfang Meng's side, Dongfang Meng had already covered the steel needle inserted in his chest and fell softly to the ground. Long Xiaotian only had time to catch the fallen Oriental Dream in his arms. At this time, Long Xiaotian could no longer keep calm in front of Dongfang Meng. He held Dongfang Meng tightly in his arms: "Why bother? Why bother?" Dongfang Meng smiled sadly, "You have never hugged me like this since you killed the beast with golden eyes in the blue sea.". With that, he spat out a mouthful of blood. Long Xiaotian was so anxious that he hurriedly sent internal force to Dongfang Meng's body to slow down her injury. Dongfang Meng shook his head and stroked Long Xiaotian's face. "Fool,shuttle rack system, there is no medicine to cure the poison of Jian Xin Needle. Why do you do that?" Long Xiaotian is just stubbornly and constantly delivering internal force. I see all this in my eyes. My heart was faintly sour, but I breathed a sigh of relief as if I had put down my burden. What is happening now is in my plan, but why am I still sad? Love is one word. The harm is not shallow.

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