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I saw this big tree growing alone in this open space. At the moment, all the static branches were moving like human arms, and it was one of the thick branches that entangled Zhang Xiaofan. In the darkness, the tree demon's dancing posture was like nine demons. Zhang Xiaofan felt that the tree on his neck was getting tighter and tighter, and he was gradually out of breath. Lu Xueqi just wanted to rescue him, but he heard an earth-shaking roar in the distance. The pig-headed monster seized the opportunity and jumped up. Its huge claws were shining with a faint green light. He was afraid that it was still carrying a huge poison. Lu Xueqi had no choice but to turn around and parry, but her body was blocked by it. She wanted to rescue Zhang Xiaofan several times but could not get it. Instead, she was even in danger. Zhang Xiaofan was caught by the tree demon and had a sore throat, but he saw that the tree demon made an ugly sound. He thought it was mostly joy. The tree wrapped around his neck pulled him back to the tree. At the same time, several branches came and wrapped around his body. Except for his two hands, he could not struggle. Zhang Xiaofan was so anxious that he looked at Lu Xueqi and found that she was too busy to take care of herself. When he looked back, he saw a big mouth slowly opened on the trunk of the tree demon, which gushed out a pungent stench, and the tree was pulling him into the big mouth. He was afraid that this was the big mouth of the tree demon. Zhang Xiaofan trembled all over, and he never thought that one day he would make fertilizer for a tree. This kind of death is really unacceptable. But now that the arrow was on the string, he did move to the big mouth minute by minute. The stench was getting heavier and heavier. In a twinkling of an eye, Zhang Xiaofan's forehead was covered with cold sweat. Soon to the edge of the big mouth, Zhang Xiaofan did not know where to come from the strength, struggling to earn, with his feet on the trunk refused to move forward, but the tree demon strength is unusual, the tree pulled a few times,metal racking systems, Zhang Xiaofan immediately exhausted, was sent to the big mouth. Strong fishy smell blow on the face, also do not know how many lives this tree demon has killed, Zhang Xiaofan in this life and death moment, dying struggle, struggling to raise his hand, holding the only weapon at hand to burn the fire stick, to the tree demon big mouth side to insert. On the fire stick,asrs warehouse, especially on the bead at the front end, there was a faint blue light. The original blunt fire stick was waved by Zhang Xiaofan to hit the tree demon, unexpectedly like a magic weapon blade, cutting melons and vegetables straight into the tree demon's extremely hard trunk. The branches of the tree demon dancing all over the sky suddenly froze at that moment. Zhang Xiaofan himself was stunned for a moment, and at the same time, in his heart, suddenly there was a feeling of fear. A familiar, cold feeling swam all over his body, and then it brought a new breath. A warm current flowed into Zhang Xiaofan's body from the fire stick, just like the scene when Zhang Xiaofan fought with the vampire Jiang Laosan in the Wanbat Cave some time ago. Zhang Xiaofan froze in midair! He looked at what was happening in front of him, and after the tree demon, who had been insufferably arrogant and ferocious, had only been inserted into his body by a seemingly ugly fire stick, his huge body, which was out of proportion to the fire stick, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,radio shuttle racking, quickly withered down, and all the branches and even the trunk of the tree seemed to have been drained of all the water, shriveled and curled up, and the leaves fell like rain. After the last roar of his life, the whole tree collapsed and then turned to ashes. Zhang Xiaofan fell to the ground in a trance. He didn't even need luck to know that the warm current sucked by the fire stick was of great benefit to his body. At the moment, the injured meridians were greatly improved by the new warm current. He looked at the fire stick in his hand, only to see that in the light of the dark blue light turning gently, like a full person, the fire stick emitted a contented brilliance, especially on the stick body, originally not very obvious blood, but now as if full of blood, lit up, red up, with a ferocious. The fire stick, which looked somewhat frightening, slipped from Zhang Xiaofan's hand, fell to the ground, jumped twice, and remained motionless. Leaving Zhang Xiaofan's palm, the magical black stick seemed to have lost its parasitic host, and all the light disappeared immediately, turning into an ordinary and ugly black stick. Zhang Xiaofan breathed deeply, his mind was turbulent, and only one voice echoed in his mind: What is this, what is this? At that moment, Lu Xueqi suddenly heard a cry of pain in the distance. Zhang Xiaofan woke up with a start. He turned to look and saw that Lu Xueqi was besieged by countless ghosts and the pig's head monster. The whole person seemed to be hit hard and flew back. His clothes were red and he was seriously injured. Zhang Xiaofan was so excited that he grabbed the fire stick in his hand and flew to Lu Xueqi. In midair, the fire stick in his hand, as if with a smile, re-lit a dark blue light, illuminated his face. Where Zhang Xiaofan passed, countless ghosts avoided one after another and fled in all directions. In a twinkling of an eye, Zhang Xiaofan caught up with Lu Xueqi. The pig's head monster in front of him was not afraid of the fire stick and roared at him. In a hurry, he was worried about Lu Xueqi's injury and refused to retreat. With the same roar, he used the Taoism passed by Su Ru before going down the mountain. The fire stick suddenly left his hand, like an arrow from the bow. Rush at the pig's head monster. When the pig-headed monster saw this little black stick coming, he waved his huge front paws and tried to push the annoying thing aside, then rushed up and swallowed the two annoying but delicious humans into his stomach for a good meal. Unexpectedly, as soon as he waved his palm, he felt a chill in his palm. After a moment, his heart was cold again. The pig's head monster was stunned for a moment. He looked down and saw a small hole in his palm, and a small hole in his chest and heart. His whole body was penetrated by this seemingly insignificant fire stick. ""! With a heart-rending roar, the huge body of the pig-headed monster shook and fell heavily to the ground like a mountain pillar, with dust flying. Then it struggled on the ground a few times, black blood flowed from the corners of its mouth, and finally stopped moving. At this time, Zhang Xiaofan caught Lu Xueqi, but saw that her whole body was cold,industrial racking systems, already unable to support, fainted. And the fire stick that killed another creature was shining with dark blue light, and it flew back and fell into Zhang Xiaofan's hands. kingmoreracking.com

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