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I don't know when Xiu became so calm. Back to the room to pack up some things, changed a sportswear, Lu Yixiu carrying a backpack left the hotel to Longshan. The information read from Yue Lao's eyes not only let him know the specific route of the mountain, but also the whereabouts of Xiao Qianyu. Xiao Qianyu must be on his way to br country at this moment. He must find her before Xiao Qianyu does it. For the chaotic br country, according to his understanding, it is not difficult to kill a policeman, but Yue Lao did not tell Xiao Qianyu that the backstage supporter of the policeman is the president of the br country. Once the policeman is dead, it will certainly attract the attention of the president of the United States. This matter is bound to expand and rise to an international issue. Even if they can't find out the real murderer, as long as someone sees Xiao Qianyu, or sees her skin color, and knows that she is from C country, then the president of B country will certainly put pressure on C country and let C country give them an explanation. Although country B is only a small country, the country he supports is country A. Once country a gets involved and makes a fuss, there will be no end to it. Therefore, he could not let Xiao Qianyu act impulsively,push back racking system, even if he wanted to kill the policeman, he had to show no trace, so that no one could notice it. Xiao Qianyu is not Lu Yixiu, although her ability is strong, perspective function is against the sky, but she can not read people's hearts. Yue Lao and what she said was limited,medium duty racking, and what he told her was only a little. After going down the mountain, Xiao Qianyu came to the small town of Biata in the br country mentioned by Yue Lao. He mingled with the crowd in the br country and slowly inquired about all the information provided by Yue Lao about the policeman who killed his son. Before she got any useful information, Lu Yixiu came after her. Xiao Qianyu worried that his identity was leaked, did not dare to have been forced to inquire, can only gradually and slowly inquire. Generally, to do a task is to get the detailed information of the task object first, so as to facilitate the execution of the task. But this is the first time that Xiao Qianyu has had to explore the situation himself. She didn't know where to start. Yue Lao only told her the name and address of the policeman, but nothing else. There were so many people with the same name that she was afraid of being mistaken. When she spent two days to find out that the policeman named Xiao P was the one she was looking for, Lu Yixiu had already been planning how to make it quick and easy, and let people not realize that it was him who made the plan to kill Xiao P by mistake or in a car accident. When Xiao Qianyu found out the daily journey and route of Xiao P and planned to attack him, she watched helplessly as a sports car driven by Xiao P was crushed by a large truck in a hurry. Things happened too suddenly, warehouse storage racks ,push back racking system, Xiao Qianyu was surprised to come to his senses. Small P died in front of her in such a way, not her own hand, which makes Xiao Qianyu have the feeling that the meat of his mouth was suddenly snatched away by others. Her intuition told her that the car accident in front of her was very unusual. But I can't say what's wrong. Just instinctively think that someone like her, one step ahead of her to kill little P, but do not reveal. But she herself foolishly wanted to get rid of little P by force. Compared with other people's courage and resourcefulness, her brainless direct assassination is the easiest to be hated and the easiest to leave a handle. When Xiao Qianyu suspected his IQ problem, he suddenly had a powerful hand on his waist. Xiao Qianyu came to his senses in an instant, and then turned into a knife and attacked the man behind him. Steamed stuffed bun, it's me. Lu Yixiu held Xiao Qianyu's little hand with ease and sighed softly. Hearing the familiar voice, Xiao Qianyu turned around in surprise. Brother Xiu? What are you doing here? Xiao Qianyu took a look at the building not far away and made sure that she was in the territory of the country before he looked curiously at Lu Yixiu. I have been here for several days, and I want to see you earlier, but I can't find you. Lu Yixiu said with grievance. He had a more perfect plan to kill P. But the yearning for Xiao Qianyu in his heart forced him to carry out the plan ahead of time. He knew that as long as Xiao P died, Xiao Qianyu would appear. Sure enough, he found her near the scene of little P's death. How did you know I came to br country? I don't think the older I get.. Oh, I know. You read his mind. You know where I am. ” After saying that, Xiao Qianyu took a look at the little P who had been crushed into a meat pie not far away and nodded clearly. So you did it! I said, who would be so thoughtful? If it was you, it would be normal. Xiao Qianyu raised his lips and said, "Let's go back now. I've been out for such a long time. I'm a little homesick." Little P is dead, no matter who killed him, as long as he is dead, the older he is, there will be a confession. Baozi, are you praising me or hurting me just now? What, if it's him, it's normal? It sounds like he's a crafty old man. Xiao Qianyu raised his lips and said with a smile, "I am praising you. You are so powerful. Naturally, I am praising you." "Is there any reward?" Lu Yixiu approached Xiao Qianyu, and while Xiao Qianyu was not paying attention, he stole a kiss and smiled happily. Well, if you take the reward yourself, it's gone. I just want to go back and have a good sleep now. I feel so tired. Xiao Qianyu blinked his eyes and looked at Lu Yixiu. All right, let's go back now. Holding hands, they avoided the nearby cameras and returned to the foot of Longshan Mountain. Along the way, Xiao Qianyu told Lu Yixiu what had happened in Longshan this time, like telling a story. When Lu Yixiu heard that Kang Zixie did not hesitate to wake up Xiao Qianyu with his own life,heavy duty cantilever racks, his mood was extremely complicated. He thanked him for what he had done for Xiao Qianyu, but he didn't want him to be entangled with Xiao Qianyu because of this. He didn't regret it and goaded him with the marriage certificate. Xiao Qianyu owes him a favor, and he will find a way to pay it off. kingmoreracking.com

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