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"I thought your aunt Wu was not at home, and it happened that day that she didn't go out because she was uncomfortable.". As soon as the female student entered the living room, she pulled Lao Huang to complain that your aunt Wu was taking water to take medicine in the bedroom and went out to pour a cup of hot water on her. Your aunt Wu had a big quarrel with her husband about this and went to our house. Later, your father talked to Lao Huang and explained the problem clearly, so they made up. "What about the schoolgirl?" "Say this talent, she made a counter-charge, saying that Lao Huang took the postgraduate entrance examination to coerce her to be a lover. Fortunately, Lao Huang still kept the disgusting text messages she sent to Lao Huang and took them out as evidence. The university expelled the girl, even exempted her from her bachelor's degree. But Lao Huang's reputation was also affected. Your father advised Lao Huang to fight a lawsuit to completely rectify his name. The woman came to beg again." Beg to let her live. But what did she do when she started the rumor? You can't just say you're sorry and erase all the damage you've done. "And in the end?" "Finally, the school was afraid that this would affect its reputation, so it advised Lao Huang not to make things bigger, and the school held a name rectification meeting for Lao Huang among the teaching staff.". It's over. "After all, human feelings are greater than law." Su Yiran disagreed with the result. "Actually, I think Uncle Huang was also moved. Why don't you leave those text messages?" Su Shaoren laughed and said, "Little people.." "By the way, Mom, Dad, do they still play stocks?" "Yes, why?" "Sean said that there might be a big fluctuation in September, so we should withdraw if we can.". Tell mom and uncle too, but don't say it's Sean. And you and dad don't tell me it was Sean, okay? "You Europeans are different from us. Before your father came, he disposed of all the stocks on hand. Before that, it was a bull market. Your father always stopped playing stocks as soon as he got better. As a result,Wall Penstocks, when we arrived in Britain, Shanghai said that the stocks had fallen sharply again." Turning around, after the month of confinement in August, Su Yiran had her birthday, and her father, mother, and brother all left. Wang Zizhen and Su Peichen have to wait for a long time. Gu Yirong was reluctant to give up her grandson and great-grandson. Besides, she had been with her sister for more than a year, and it was time to go back to Shanghai, so she left with her son's family. Su Yiran took a bath and looked at her figure in front of the mirror. She already had a waist line, and she could recover 78% in another month. She slept in shapewear from a few days after giving birth. Think of the invitation on the desk. She exercises very hard every day now. Before he could get dressed, Sean burst in and saw his wife and wanted to hug her. Now he can only hug and kiss. He hasn't kissed enough here. His son made a calling sound outside. He rushed out to be a father. The first thing Sean did when he got home from seeing off his father-in-law's family was to carry his pillow back to the master bedroom. These days, disc air diffuser ,Rotating sludge scraper, not only Su Yiran, but also Sean has been trained to feed and change diapers. The two men agreed to sleep with the child and take turns to take care of the son. Little Andrew is very much like his mother's childhood in some ways, that is, quiet, work and rest time is similar to that of adults, as long as the feeding is finished at 11 o'clock in the evening, he will sleep until dawn, Su Yiran is glad to have a good son. After the baby was one month old, Su Yiran began to work moderately every day. Her main task at the construction company now is to renovate her and Sean's castle. For the sake of Grandpa Sean and to protect the ancient heritage, the external design of the castle remained unchanged, but for the sake of the smooth internal construction, the castle was completely demolished, but not destructively demolished, but every stone or window was marked and moved to a temporary warehouse nearby, so that after the underground construction was completed, it could be built layer by layer. Where it is impossible to restore, we should use close substitutes to supplement the transformation. This project really costs too much, but Su Yiran, in line with the principle of spending money happily, does not care at all. She didn't care, but the other three Lancasters did, and it hurt to see the money go down the drain. Andrew has always been an investor in the castle renovation, and the cost of demolishing a castle alone is enough to build a three-storey luxury villa-which has not yet started. Sean said it was better to move the annual income from France. Andrew shook his head as a gift to the unborn child. At that time, little Andrew had not yet been born. Andrew's words turned out to be a prophecy. The castle could only be inherited by his son. It was no wonder that the first child was not his granddaughter. Andrew and Wang Zirui have been to Beddington, and the community has begun to take shape. Although the appearance is really not popular with Wang Zirui, he is not old-fashioned in his bones. After listening to the detailed explanation of the staff and knowing the many benefits of the community in terms of economy and ecological environment, he feels that the appearance is strange but still "easy to use". The staff knew that the two were Joa's father-in-law and grandfather, so they told them that Joa had put special emphasis on restoration in the redesign of the castle, so they didn't have to worry about the appearance of the castle in the future. However, because of the use of some ventilation caps and solar photovoltaic panels, it was impossible to be exactly the same as before. Returning to London from Beddington, Wang Zirui was in a much better mood, and even said that if Beddington had a scheduled resident to withdraw, he would like to buy a house to live with Gu Xinrong. In September, when the child was less than two months old, Su Yiran had to go out for a long trip. Although she was very reluctant to leave her son temporarily, she left London for New York accompanied by Sean. On the plane, two new parents were so tired that they fell asleep as soon as the plane reached parallel flight. The first thing Su Yiran said when she woke up was, "Dear, it's time to feed the baby." The author has something to say: Narcissus,rapid sand filters, or daffodils. A character in Greek mythology who died because he fell in love with his reflection in the water. Later, the God of love turned him into a daffodil and let him grow near the water so that he could often see his own shadow. In English, Narcissism describes people who are extremely fond of their appearance and have narcissistic tendencies. 92 dance together ——the wayyou make me feel。 khnwatertreatment.com

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