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A candidate of sciences in USA is called a specialist of the first scientific degree. This degree was introduced by legislation over 90 years ago. It is ahead of the Ph.D. Next, you will learn about the requirements for candidates of science.

Just like that, after graduating from school, no one will be able to become a candidate of science. First you have to get a higher education. Moreover, you need to get a state educational diploma.

You should also have the following professional achievements6

  • Diploma of Higher Education;
  • The diploma must be obtained in the direction - specialty;
  • The results of the exams for the minimum baggage of a candidate of sciences. Moreover, the results must be successful;
  • Several published papers related to the topic of the dissertation. Moreover, the choice of sources should also be approached very carefully. They must be under the direction of the highest attestation commission;
  • The main source of evidence that the work is of value to science;
  • The results of a successful dissertation defense.

There are several options for earning a Ph.D. Moreover, the applicant can choose any of the proposed options. Let's consider them.

PhD Degree Options

The first option is graduate school. This training involves 3 or 5 years of successful work. Before the start of training, the candidate takes exams, then he must undergo training in two mandatory areas established at the university. Also, the applicant attends courses in his field within the framework of the university.

The second option is simpler. It is an aspiration. In this case, the applicant must not attend the university. But he is obliged to prepare independently under the guidance of his curator.

What academic degrees are there

According to the recently established Bologna system, there are three levels of PhD degrees. These are bachelor, master and doctor of sciences. In USA, conferring a Ph.D. degree is equivalent to the system established, for example, in Germany. That is, a candidate of science is the same as a doctor of science. That is, these degrees do not differ in seniority. But in USA there are only 23 areas in which an applicant can get a degree. So, if you are going to study at a university, but at the same time you are sure that after receiving a diploma you will continue to study, then ask if it is possible to get a PhD in your specialty.

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