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It is possible to wow tbc classic gold conclude that any radical changes made of World of Warcraft are merely attempts to get subscribers back amidst recent controversies over inappropriate content associated with WoW or Blizzard Entertainment. However, this is in no way confirmed and is still merely speculation. Evidence for this is provided by official statements made by the developers , and distinct trends observed in previous modifications made to the game. Blizzard developers have outlined their reasoning as stemming from an increased understanding that the division of factions between players was not part of what was what made Warcraft an immensely popular game and that giving players more instead of fewer options for gameplay could be only a positive change.

The concept of identity was the main barrier preventing from the demise from the present-day faction system of World of Warcraft. It was feared by the developers that adding cross-faction play could undermine players' feelings of being part of a specific team, but it wasn't the scenario. It's been widely believed for several years that this outdated faction division is no not relevant anymore and is a hindrance for players who would like to play with their friends and still compete in the race they'd like.

The lore of the game is that on a lore-related note, Alliance and Horde have finally come to what seems to be a permanent truce toward the end of World Warcraft's last expansion Battle for Azeroth. Even though hostility is likely to remain due to old hatreds however, it's likely that the wars of the entire world between the two factions are now over. However, whether orcs will ever be strolling down the streets of Stormwind or humans out riding wild wyverns yet to be decided.

Although cross-faction gameplay is welcomed by many, there are palpable worries that joining the factions in terms of end-game content will yield good results. The number of subscribers, though only determined, have likely suffered considerably in the wake the latest WoW expansion, World of Warcraft tbc and its ongoing content shortages.

The expansion cheap wow tbc classic gold received only one major update to the content within the span of its initial year. However, the much-loved and cherished expansions such as Legion were already making announcements about their third content update of the expansion by then. There's a range of factors that contributed to this disappointing turnout in World of Warcraft tbc, but the effect is obvious. Fewer people are playing the game when there's not as many games to play.

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