You chose some arbitrary one and were led into the famed from Sunxuemei's blog

I think you don't get the RuneScape gold option to side with Tuska this event Sobend. It is all Vs Tuska, my guess is that everyone will be forced to be part of the identical team against Tuska or sort several different God teams that can compete against eachother (through PvP with some luck and maybe in some other non-PvP manners ) for glory and prestige but the ultimate aim will stay defeating Tuska. That is the way I believe it will be or it would be massively unfair considering it's going to be Gods + the Godless against staff Tuska.We can all relate when someone mentions"rune armour" or"wilderness" since Runescape pops into our thoughts instantaneously and the memories come flooding back with a massive burst of nostalgia at the exact same moment. You either found out about Runescape out of a friend, sibling or even from a different website and when you first learned about it, you're very excited to provide this new popular sport a go. I remember quite clearly when I was around 6-7 in about 2003-04 and I watched my old cousin playing a match onto a desktop PC with Windows 2000 and my other cousin and I saw him for a little and asked him what he was playing. It had been Runescape. It seemed cool to both people our young brains believed,"Why don't we give this a try?" We made accounts and that's where our journey started.

My cousin and I played Runescape for another 8 years due to the immense replay value and longevity of the enjoyable moments we'd had with the match. Waking up before school and yanking all-nighters to level up and aim to be the best Runescape player there was, was definitely worth it with no regrets in any way.

Making an account took a few minutes but at the time you were probably thinking, what was a Earth? You chose some arbitrary one and were led into the famed Java applet display and then the nostalgic Runescape motif began to play. Those colourful flames intrigued your curiosity about this new game named Runescape which you'd recently discovered and made you even more excited to check it out. You then logged in and started your everlasting, incredible Runescape journey. The tunes of this Newbie Melody have ever stuck in my head and listening on it educates me and a number of other old school Runescape players of the younger years in which life wasn't as tough as it is nowadays. The sweet notes, different tunes and various sections of this MIDI music piece from Ian Taylor collectively visually represent an whole Runescape journey in the space of 3 minutes and 43 minutes. It is as if you've been transported back to the early 2000s where life has been so much easier. This will make you shout as soon as you listen to it but don't be ashamed, it's normal to let emotions out. Going back to Tutorial Island, you were a"noob" and buy OSRS gold there was nothing you can do about it.

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By Sunxuemei
Added Oct 31 '20



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