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I do know that missing'slightly late' or'early' wide open 3 with a good shooter is infuriating though. Unpopular opinion possibly, but shouldn't being good at video sport basketball be about more than how great you are at pressing a stick or button for precisely x period of time? It should be about playing well as a team and playing different strengths, running good plays nba2k21 myteam coins efficiently to get excellent shots, moving down ball nicely, knowing defensive rotations and coverages, etc..

Agree! Every time that I suggest something like this on here the cornballs. Eliminate cartoon based game play! Until they do so, there'll always be an optimal way to play and limit diversity and imagination. The green shooter system (especially one which everybody sees) is counter intuitive to basketball, particularly with the focus they have placed on endurance exercising quickly. Knowing a shot is going in allows you to slack on boxing outout, including the transition leaks, etc.. That is one of the things that is pushed 2K further and further away from ball principles that are real.

More to your point however. A good deal of the games that are competitive that are best use design and equilibrium to set a limit on. Overwatch such as needs game sense to be Master not only accuracy. By not altering a game, the sure fire shooters may get tough stuck. I certainly think you have to take competition into variable, like that's something you have control over, hitting green every time is robot like and asking a lot from an individual eye, reaction. If your open and its marginally late, 90 percent likelihood, most nba players are knockdown when available anyway, then simply change it in increments based on your willingness. Lay ups that the percent should be higher IMO.

My thing is this I'm pretty certain real life how to get mt in nba 2k21 players don't always discharge their shots absolutely I feel like slightly early and lates should not impact you personally as much especially if you have flexible release or whatever badge they have for 21 for jumpshot time I believe making a game in which you have to generate a ideal time shot is going to make alot of individuals make slashers instead of shooters. I concur and I think that it's almost right as it is. Some marginally's go in, some don't. The chance goes up if you are more receptive.

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By Kin Gang
Added Aug 21 '20



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