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Nanisa hana
Since deciding to go free-to-play and subsequently making its Xbox and Nintendo Switch debuts, Fall Guys has had a resurgence. Mobile device versions of many games are becoming more common, but Mediatonic is not one of them—at least not yet.In the midst of all of this, a game appears to be at the top of both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store charts. The gameplay mechanics and overall idea of the game appear to be fairly similar to those of its more well-known sibling, which makes things interesting.Fall Guys is a unique inter... more
James Colin
Stumble Guys is a party knockout game that can accommodate up to 32 people online. If you are searching for a game that will make you laugh, yell, and cheer, you need look no farther than Stumble Guys. The game that you are playing is called Stumble Guys, and it consists of a series of amusing and disorderly obstacle courses that you compete in against other players. Stumble Guys is a game in which you compete against other players to see who can stay alive the longest by using your wits, your luck, and your patience. The game of st... more
James Colin Jun 6 '23 · Tags: stumble guys
Laydi Han
Stumble guys, a Fall Guys ripoff, is currently number one on the free iPhone game charts in both the US and the UK.Stumble Guys, a game created by Finland's Kitka Games, actually had a limited launch in the months following Fall Guys' August 2020 PS4 and PC release before going live worldwide in January 2021.According to data from market intelligence service AppMagic, the game had a mediocre year last year but has really taken off lately (via Guys is now ranked in the top 10 of both the US and UK Google Play ... more
Hackemtu Official
Stumble guys is a fun battle royale game. It is fully loaded with colourful cartoon graphics and tons of different characters. Game is very challenging and you have to make different strategies to pass the levels. Stumble Guys comes with many game modes and your main goal in every mode is to reach the finish line before your opponents. It is an incredibly challenging and frustrating game that will have you pulling your hair out in no time. Every level in the game is divided into a few matches, after every match the players will start... more
Hackemtu Official Dec 29 '22 · Tags: stumble guys