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Thin Tiles for Floors and Walls Tile trends from Coverings 2014 continue with thin tiles for floors and walls. Everyone likes to be thinner, so why not make our walls and floors skinny, too!Get more news about Thin Porcelain Tile,you can vist our website! This is the fourth article in the series about tile trends from Coverings 2014 which took place April 29 through May 2, 2014 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. I started with Patchwork Tile, then Hexagon Tile Trends, 9 Glass Mosaic Tile Trends from Coverings 2014 and now we are g... more
freeamfva Jan 21 '22 · Tags: sintered stone
What Is Sintered Stone? When it comes to countertops, the first thought is usually quartz or granite. However, there's a new material, Sintered stone. Popular in Europe, already taking over 70% of the market. Sintered stone is like porcelain, but is subjected to much higher pressure and heat during manufacturing, resulting in a metamorphic process to bind natural materials with out resins or binders.Get more news about Sintered Stone,you can vist our website! By taking natural minerals and processing them with this method, the end ... more
freeamfva Dec 16 '21 · Tags: sintered stone