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James Colin
In the word puzzle game Phrazle, players have to figure out what phrase is made up of several different words. The famous word puzzle game Wordle was the inspiration for this game, which is all about phrases instead of words. How to Play the Game "Phrazle" You can play the video game for free on the internet. The phrazle gives its users a new task every day that can only be done once per day. The player must type a phrase into the entry box and then hit the enter key. The game will then give feedback on the phrase in the form ... more
James Colin Jun 6 · Tags: phrazle
Charming is one of those overused adjectives. Nonetheless, there are several locations that do suit the phrazle bill. Giethoorn should be substituted here. This little gem in the northern Dutch province of Overijssel is home to hand-dug canals that have won it the moniker "Venice of the Netherlands" and recognition as one of the world's most beautiful cities. The 176 bridges, 18th-century thatched-roof homes, and verdant walkways only add to the area's allure. There are fewer than 2,800 permanent inhabitants in this picturesque to... more
heritageericsson Mar 23 · Tags: phrazle