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Have you ever seen a superhero movie where the hero gets stronger and defeats the bad guys? Well, guess what? You can be your own superhero in your golden years too! Being strong isn't just about lifting cars (although that would be pretty cool!), it's about feeling your best and staying independent as you get older.  Strength Makes Superpowers!  As we grow older, our muscles might get a little weaker, just like a superhero who forgets to eat their super breakfast. But don't worry, there's a secret weapon to h... more
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In a world where staying active and healthy is crucial, there’s a special group of individuals leading the charge: senior citizen personal trainers. These experienced professionals not only defy stereotypes but also inspire others to embrace fitness and wellness at any age. At Reed Elite Training, serving the communities of Redmond, Bellevue, Clyde Hill, Medina, Kirkland, and Bothell, these trainers are making a profound impact, one client at a time. The Rise of Senior Citizen Personal Trainers The concept of senior ... more
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Staying fit and healthy is important at any age, but as we grow older, it becomes even more crucial to maintain our physical well-being. This is where personal trainers for seniors can play a vital role, especially for older adults who may need tailored guidance and support to stay active and strong. In the beautiful cities of Redmond, Bellevue, Clyde Hill, Medina, Kirkland, and Bothell, Reed Elite Training is dedicated to helping older adults achieve their fitness goals and lead healthier lives. Why Choo... more
 WHAT IS EMS TRAINING ? Electrical Muscle Stimulation training, uses a wearable device that attaches to the body, stimulating your muscles through tiny electrodes that accelerate your workout and enhance your body-toning results. EMS training is a good way to improve overall fitness, lose weight, tone your body and strengthen your muscles in less time than regular exercises, you can archive the results of 3 hours workout in only 20 minutes.Shape Your Body In Record TimeWHY EMS TRAINING ?WEIGHT LOSSEMS training is suitable for... more