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Redirecting RuneScape 2007 Gold players to the suitable subreddit. However, users make a good job already by redirecting those individuals there, and there's the Subreddit link on the banner, under Partner Subreddits, there. But they are still downvoted by them. The Downvotes here, and also the users are such as the ISR, there is no escaping them. You cannot remark anything remotely constructive since they biting at your foot. From the OSRS and pathofexile subreddit I frequent not every single small question gets as... more
Wuyahong Aug 23 '21 · Tags: osrs fire cape
Almost got our OSRS Fire Cape and tried to do a duo last night taken every moment. People will wait using a zest until you drain corps stats to zero run in with two accounts, one with move and one just smacking it with a crystal halberd. We attempted using the personal portalsite, but the 200k feels like a punishment for attempting to play Runescape legit and it significantly slowed our kill time since we had to wait for each other to enter in as to not eliminate the case. I understand this was a problem for a long time... more
Wuyahong Aug 11 '21 · Tags: osrs fire cape
These would probably match the standards to RS3 Gold also receive a reply redirecting them to 2007 Runescape once the intention was to post, which isn't ideal as it would be irrelevant to the post topic and likely lead to complaints. Furthermore, if the criteria is too specific, it is unlikely that the few posts which are intended to obtain this reply will activate it. It's much easier for a individual to identify these posts than a bot, and setting up it to be intended is much easier said than done for advantage. Why are folks so... more
Wuyahong Jul 13 '21 · Tags: osrs fire cape