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NBA 2K MT is here and that means basketball heads and casual NBA fans will be able to enjoy an entire season's worth in the beginning and more than some Shannon Brown dunks to choreograph. We're breaking down the new NBA 2K23 rosters for all 32 NBA teams, and in this guide we're taking more in depth look at Los Angeles Lakers. If you're interested in knowing who the Lakers' best players might be, particularly if Anthony Davis is still an elite big to be found in this league or what position on the team could require an upgrade ... more
In the data 2K MT comparison above is that Giannis complete data is ahead of Curry as well. 2K has reason to believe that Giannis his stats will outdo Curry and make him the top graded player in 2K23.In the meantime, there are many theories about the reasons for Curry's declining stature. Some people think it is due to age, while some think that Curry hasn't been able to adapt to the new methods. Perhaps they're all right but it needs to be explained that each player has a variety of reasons behind this phenomenon, but please believe... more