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Features of dental chairs To enhance your dental practice with dental chairs resp. dentist chairs as well as dental units that consistently champion and reflect your dedication to professional excellence, simplicity, safety and sophistication, choose from KaVo’s line of technologically-evolved and sanitary dental chairs. Our dental chairs are designed to facilitate ease of use for dentists and comfort for patients of any size and age. These highly adjustable and adaptable dentist chairs can accommodate everyone from small children t... more
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Central Suction Systems Central suction system for the connection of all workstations and dust-generating appliances in laboratories of any size. Thanks to an infinitely adjustable vacuum control independent of filter contamination and conduction of the exhaust air to the outdoor area, the system offers a high standard of air purity in the laboratory. The system is tailored perfectly to your laboratory through individual planning and consulting.Get more news about Central Suction,you can vist our website! Central suction system for... more
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