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Balfour Auto Service
Are you looking for a Car Mechanic Sunshine? Book a seamless car service experience with Balfour Automotive Service. We care for your car just as you do. As experts in car service and Audi Specialists Melbourne, we have all the updated machinery and diagnostic tools at our workshop to repair your vehicle in the best way. Whenever you’re facing any issue with your car, turn to us, our technicians are there to assist you. We offer a wide range of car services available to our customers at an affordable price. Our car s... more
Melissa helen
Brakes work behind the scenes when they help a driver stop a vehicle. However, there is a whole system of a number of parts that allows a vehicle to stop at the driver’s wish. Primarily, there are two essential components that complete the responsibility: the rotor and brake pads. When a driver presses the brake pedal, the brake pads receive the command to take action against the rotor. In general, the brake pads press against the rotors to stop the moving wheels. Let’s understand the workings of a vehicle’s brakes in depth. Be... more
Melissa helen
Guess the critical components of your car that receives maximum friction without any lubrication. These are the rotors inside your vehicle. They play an important role in stopping your vehicle.  When you press the brake pedal, the pads rub against the rotors and make it possible to slow a vehicle. Rotors tolerate a lot of friction in this process, and as a result, they wear down too quickly. Though rotors are made of robust material, but it can tolerate friction up to a limit.  However, discussion revolves around getting... more
Melissa helen
For the time being, not many of us are overly optimistic about electric vehicles. It might be due to the high cost of these vehicles or a lack of faith in establishing innovation. The majority of us utilize our cars for daily transportation, making it challenging to control costs as fuel prices steadily inflate. Owning and maintaining a car is an expensive endeavour because it requires some expenses. Besides, it is hard to get cost-effective yet reliable car maintenance. Nowadays, car ownership can be taxing, as it might put a ... more
Singh's Tyre & Auto
Singhs Tyre & Auto has been providing Car Service Pakenham and maintenance services with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. We have a passionate team of mechanics who work hard to serve our customers across Car Repairs Pakenham Upper  , Pakenham South, Pakenham upper, Officer south, Cardinia, Beaconsfield,  Tynong , Koo Wee Rup North, Nar Nar Goon and other surrounding suburbs. Fully insured and licensed, our Mechanic have the ability to work on vehicles of all makes and models. Whether your vehicle n... more
Melissa helen
When it comes to identifying a risk for your car, the check engine light is second to none. But, there are other accurate ways to identify particular, yet critical, issues in a car. Certain types of sounds offer more accurate identification of certain problems with a car. The knocking sound is one of them. There is a huge list of issues that can cause an engine to produce a knocking sound. Let’s have a look at these issues when your car has started making such sounds. Carbon deposits inside the combustion chamber The most co... more