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The NBA 2K MyTeam mode will become interesting almost every year. Unfortunately, by February, it became too cumbersome and embarrassingly saturated in overpowered cards, which made the overall experience more about competing for NBA 2K20 MT than being competitive or entertaining Function. For some time, I have been drumming and asking this model to provide salary caps and salary functions, and as we get closer and closer to the release of NBA 2K21, I hope we can see the restoration of these functions in the near... more
NBA 2K21 announced its most expensive version of the cover art-Mamba Forever, the price of the standard version and the next-generation game console are both 99.99 US dollars / 84.99 pounds. Some users are dissatisfied with EA's use of the late Kobe Bryant as the most expensive version of the game's model, while other users say that NBA 2K20 MT fully meets their needs. The price of the new standard version of the game console is much higher than the original, I am not sure if this will be the new model. As of now, it i... more
Last week, NBA 2K launched its own TikTok, the purpose of which is to display exclusive content and trailers for its basketball franchise. As the cover of NBA 2K21 is about to be revealed, 2K leads this event by sharing various trailers. Content that is not shared is the actual gameplay, but we have seen some behind-the-scenes work. From slam dunk animations to facial scans to NBA 2K20 MT, how fast the game will load on the next-generation consoles, this week's cover announcement has excited many fans. The first trail... more
Players can see four Galaxy Opal players in NBA 2K20 MyTeam. The basketball god Michael Jordan and the Greek monster alphabet brother were both MVP stars in the NBA. If the players collect the Bulls second batman Scottie Pippen will also receive additional rewards, may be VC or NBA 2K20 MT. Michael Jordan and his assistant Scottie Pippen are the themes of this NBA 2K20 acquisition package. Players can now use 2K20 MT to purchase Michael Jordan’s Galaxy Opal version. MJ was a six-time NBA championship winner, and he has 65 badg... more