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  The forest is something that is there from the beginning of our evolution, protecting, supporting, and helping the whole evolution process. From the outset, humans are dependent on forests for food, medicine, shelter, oxygen, and whatnot!   Although in the last two centuries, the health of our forests are tearing down. The idea of sustainable development and protection of our precious forest is the most discussed topic of the epoch. Apart from the saving earth and forests, we have an innovation that takes o... more
We all have fond memories of watching the fight between animals, a lion, and a leopard chasing the rabbits, knowing the world of the unknown, the battle, the love, the survival, the apprehension, the breath-taking moments of wildlife   Do these wildlife documentaries show the real picture or a staged one?   Is wildlife always such a mess? Or is this the climax that we see? Are those breath-taking movements real or just edited, or created in such a manner that we get a dopamine release?   We all ... more
Almost 1000 numbers of scientific journals have been introduced by using the authored number system. Following the some essential logic in the Vancouver referencing style, number citations mainly focuses towards pointing the least of entries. In the Vancouver referencing style proper punctuation casting of title and I telling format is being used. Over the last century the name of Vancouver system and Vancouver style have been followed. The latest version of the Vancouver referencing style has been used for sighting the medicine. Fol... more
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