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With the increase in 2K MT three-point shooters, perimeter defence is more valuable than ever, but the players on this list are just as capable on the interior; as the saying goes, "Offense wins games defence wins championships."Below, the players will be ranked by their Defensive Consistency (DCNST), but their other attributes that make them the best defenders in the game will be explored as well. A table that includes an extensive list of defensive players will be at the bottom of the page. Kawhi Leonard is a formidable player a... more
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Along with NBA Playoff and 2K MT Daily Log-in Agendas, 2K Games unveiled the new series pack Takeoff 2, which features an all-new Dark Matter Unit, along with Galaxy Opal, Pink Diamond, in addition to Diamond units. Fans who play the heavily featured NBA 2K23 mode will have an exclusive time to get each player's iconic stature. The latest addition to the Dark Matter club is a 99-overall Derrick Rose, a current member of the New York Knicks. The group does however feature Rose in his days as an athlete with the Chicago Bulls, where... more
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