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It was not only the Nepheli Loux storyline that received an update with the PC cheap Elden Ring runes for sale 1.3 update, but it also received an update with missing content for several other NPC questlines that were scattered throughout the game. After a few hours of gameplay, players will come face to face with Nepheli Loux, a warrior with two swords who will test their mettle against them. A number of other characters' questlines will intersect with Nepheli Loux's as they travel along the path they have chosen.

In case you're unfamiliar with the title, XBOX cheap XBOX Elden Ring Runes for sale is an action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware that sends players on a journey across the lands between worlds in search of fragments of the titular cheap XBOX buy Elden Ring Runes PC Runes. The game is available now on Steam. Playable on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, the game is available now. For those who are just starting out with Nepheli Loux's questline for the first time, you'll notice that it comes to an abrupt and unexpected conclusion with no warning. The 1.3 update, on the other hand, has brought back previously lost content, allowing the questline to be completed correctly in the current state of the game's development.

In the Scottish Highlands, there is a fortified castle known as Stormveil Castle, which was constructed in the 13th century.

When you first enter Stormveil Castle (prior to defeating Godrick the Grafted), Nepheli Loux can be found in a side room that can be reached by heading down from the Secluded Cell Site of Grace outside the boss fog and past the troll and various soldiers. Nepheli Loux can be found in a side room that can be reached by heading down from the Secluded Cell Site of Grace outside the boss fog and past the troll and various soldiers.

Soon after, after passing through a doorway on the left, you will find yourself in a room where Nepheli has defeated a knight and can be heard offering the knight some words of condolence after the knight has died. Nepheli can be heard offering the knight some words of condolence after the knight has died. The player will gain a better understanding of her willingness to assist in the player's battle against Godrick the Grafted once they have finished listening to all of her dialogue in this section, which can be found below. No matter how much you try to avoid summoning her, she will eventually appear outside the boss room and indicate that she has been summoned by someone else.

Greetings, Gideon's Daughter. Please join the rest of us at the round table and take a seat on her side of the table.

If they have not already done so, players will be able to find Nepheli outside Gideon Ofnir's room, near the bookshelves, if they have defeated Godrick the Grafted. If they have not already done so, they can find Nepheli outside Gideon Ofnir's room, near the bookshelves. After revealing that Gideon is her adoptive father and discussing her motivations, Nepheli will reveal that she is leaving to continue her journey if the player allows her dialogue to progress to its conclusion.

Later, when the area is reloaded, she will vanish, but she can be found in Liurna of the Lakes at the Village of the Albinaurics, where she will be waiting for you beneath a bridge on the path leading up to the village's main entrance, waiting for you to come to her assistance.

As soon as she has exhausted all of her possible dialogue options with the Omenkiller boss in the village, a summon sign will appear nearby, though summoning her is not required to advance her story (as previously stated), and she will not be summoned unless she specifically requests to be summoned (as previously stated).

Following her defeat of the Omen Killer, she will return to Roundtable Hold, where she can now be found downstairs from the Blacksmith, rather than in the main hall, where she was previously found.

Speak with Nepheli first, and then question Gideon about the attack on the Village of the Albinaurics in order to determine who was responsible for the attack. You'll learn that he was the one who gave the order for the attack to be carried out when you investigate further. Due to the events that have transpired, she has been experiencing significant emotional distress (which is understandable). As a result, he claims that he no longer has any use for her and banishes her and her friends from the game entirely. However, we must complete one more task before we can move on. When we speak with her about Gideon, she will reveal more of her inner monologue.

Travel to Four Belfries and retrieve an infused swordstone key from the chest at the summit of the mountain in order to complete the Liurna of the Lakes quest line. They will be finished with the game once they have completed this task.

In order to return to the Chapel of Anticipation, players must use the key to open the portal beneath the second belfry, which is located beneath the second belfry. This is where they began the game. They will be transported back to the Chapel of Anticipation once they have arrived.

A side door outside the building will allow players to enter and ascend to an upper level of the building's structure after successfully completing their vengeance against the Grafted Scion. This door will be located on the outside of the building. In accordance with legend, this is the location where the Storm King's ashes can be found in his tomb, which is located nearby. The Storm King does not appear to be responding to summons at the moment, but his presence is still required in order to complete Nepheli's quest line....

The Great Kenneth Haight and the Lady of Limgrave are two of the most well-known people on the face of the planet, despite the fact that they are in their 80s.

Player's must first locate and speak with Kenneth Haight in Limgrave (the location circled on the map above) in order to begin the questline that will lead them back to Nepheli. Once they have spoken with him, they will be able to begin the questline that will lead them back to Nepheli. The completion of this task will enable them to begin the questline that he has laid out for them.

It is necessary for them to return to Castle Haight and kill the Knight who is attempting to use blood weapon arts on them before returning to Kenneth and informing him that the castle has been cleared out in order to complete their mission. His appearance at Castle Haight will be prompted by his desire to find another lord for Limgrave, which will lead to his arrival at the castle after he has exhausted all of the conversational options available to him.

As a final step, players should travel to Roundtable Hold and give Nepheli the Storm King's Ashes, who will recognize the ashes as those of her father and express gratitude to them for their assistance.

We were on our way to the Godrick when the call came. After visiting the Grafted Site of Grace and entering the throne room of Kenneth's castle, the player will learn that Kenneth has appointed Nepheli Loux to be the new Lord of Limgrave, which will surprise them. A reward for a successful visit to the throne room is an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, which Nepheli will give to the player after the visit is deemed successful.

The completion of this questline, in addition to the obvious benefits, will reactivate Gatekeeper Gostoc as an in-game vendor, who will now sell you a second Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone for 20,000 runes after you have completed the preceding questline.

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