Right now I'm just slaying, but I would like to get back to bossing from Megaomgchen's blog

Right now I'm just slaying, but I would like to Mut 22 coins get back to bossing, however I'll have to use chaotics until I've got drygores. I've been maging bandos using orb/wand using blood barrage's dual cast and I'm having no issues. Is a cstaff more efficient? and what else would a cstaff be effective in managing? I'm hoping to get to Nex but I'm not sure what's useful anymore.

Hello everyone, I've been away from RuneScape for a few years now but decided to come back around a year ago and am back. Since this time, I've been on the hunt and would like to focus on improving my range of play. In all honesty I'm sure I've been in the wrong way as I'm not certain what could be different in the last EoC, as I wasn't around for it! Haha.

My question is: with a range of 57, and hoping to achieve at least 70 What do you suggest regarding the equipment to train with and what to train on? I've nearly 1m of money in the bank (the drastic fall of Abyssal Whip has done me no favours!) If I were to sell my current range gear I'd probably have about 1.2m.

I'm currently training on pyrefiends using the following gear such as the archer helm/Helm Neitiznot, blue d'hide body, blue d'hide chaps, blue d'hide vambraces, Ava's Accumulator, dragon boots amulet of Glory, magic shortbow and mithril arrows. It's probably worth noting that I have above that my ranged level is currently at 57 (not that far away from an 58) and my defence level is 64. Any suggestions regarding what gear to wear, which weapons to utilize and what you can train on would be greatly appreciated!

So I decided to go back to Runescape today, to realize that everything has been changed a lot, Mages are as armored and Hp. As Meleers have skills, abilities, an action bar, and cheapest madden 22 coins lots of other things, which left me with some issues that I have to get answers to:

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By Megaomgchen
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