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Early on in FromSoftware's latest title, Elden Ring, you may find yourself feeling a little underpowered in your abilities. While that sensation is intended to be a part of the game, there are a few things you can do to farm yourself some early runes and gain a few extra levels faster than you would otherwise. First and foremost, you must travel to the Gatefront Site of Grace, where you will receive Torrent the spectral horse as well as the ability to level up using runes, before you can proceed further in Elden Ring. Following this point, you can travel to a number of different farming locations, depending on your level of confidence in your abilities.

The Sanctuary of the BeastsFarming entails harvesting 1,000 to 1,300 Elden Ring runes per enemy.
The best farming location early in the game is actually a higher-level location that you can find your way to by using a warp gate to travel to it. The Third Church of Marika, which is located in East Limgrave, is where you'll need to start your journey in order to get there. The quickest and most direct route is to begin at the Gate Front Site of Grace and travel east along the road pathway. After crossing a bridge, you will continue north on the path until you reach the church, which is directly in front of you on the right. Despite the fact that this location is outside of the first map fragment you discover, you can obtain the map fragment for East Limgrave by continuing to follow the path after passing the Third Church of Marika and continuing to the right.

As soon as you arrive at the Third Church of Marika, you'll want to go inside and activate the Lost Grace, as well as pick up the Flask of Wondrous Physik, as you'll already be in this location. Continue eastward along the river, which is located on the north side of the church, until you reach a warp gate hidden behind some trees. You will be transported to the Bestial Sanctum through this warp gate.

Battle for Fort Faroth Dragon: 3,500 Runes per enemy, or 80,000 Runes all at once
This next method provides players with the opportunity to earn an easy 80,000 Runes as long as they are willing to embark on a short journey to get there. Caelid is located in the eastern region of the map, and players will want to travel there. Players can reach the location by traveling northeast on a dirt road path that leads from Limgrave. The fort is situated in the northernmost section of Caelid's middle section. The Site of Grace, as well as your intended target, a massive sleeping dragon, are both located just outside the fort.

If you don't kill the big dragon, you can farm the smaller dragons for 3,500 Runes each if you don't kill the big dragon. There are about five or six of them. For as long as the big dragon is still alive, the smaller dragons will continue to respawn whenever you visit a Site of Grace. The disadvantage of this is that these smaller dragons will be extremely difficult to kill for early game players, despite the fact that they spawn with half of their health bar. This farming method is more effective later in the game, so you will have to decide whether you want to take advantage of the 80,000 Rune bonus right away or wait until later in the game to farm this area.

The Agheel Lake North Site of Grace is located just east of the Gate Front Ruins, on the other side of Agheel Lake. A small viking camp is located just northeast of the Site of Grace, with a few horseback enemies standing between the camp and the Site of Grace. Taking out a single horseback enemy will net you approximately 300 runes, and clearing out the entire camp of wolves and vikings will net you approximately 2,000 runes per run. There are only a few enemies who are a little difficult to defeat: those riding horses, but a couple of jumping heavy attacks will knock them off their horses, leaving them vulnerable to a critical hit. This method will not, unfortunately, provide you with as many runes as the aforementioned dragons, but it will be significantly easier to complete without dying. The final method yields the smallest amount of Runes, but it is simple and quick to complete.

The Seaside Ruins Site of Grace is located to the southeast of the point at which the player first enters the Lands Between, near the entrance to the Lands Between. Following their arrival at the Site of Grace, players will travel east to find a group of knights engaged in combat with a group of goblins. Players will receive 577 Runes for taking down the entire group, which is a surprisingly small sum. The advantage of this method is that the enemies are preoccupied with killing one another, making it simple to rush in and begin killing them before they can turn their attention to you. You will receive cheap Elden Ring runes whenever an enemy dies in close proximity to you, even if the enemy is killed by another enemy. Because the Site of Grace is close by, a run should take no more than 2 to 3 minutes. Although it is not the most efficient method, it is the most secure.

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